Patch Notes - August 9th

ANNOUNCE 8/8/2018 6:14:53 PM

It's that time again for our Monthly Patch Notes. Check out what else has changed!

The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:

  • G21 Update Part 3: Permanent
  • Re:ZERO Crossover: Thursday August 9, After Maintenance - Thursday, September 6, Before Maintenance
  • Pillow Fight Event: Thursday, August 2, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 23, Before Maintenance
  • Hot Air Balloon Event: Wednesday, July 25 After Maintenance - Thursday, August 16 Before Maintenance
  • Abyss Dragon Box: Wednesday, July 25, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 23, Before Maintenance
  • Master Plan: Thursday, June 7, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 16, Before Maintenance
  • G21 Update:

  • - You can now transfer Erg to a different weapon of the same type by talking to Kaelic.
  • - To transfer Erg, you need 'Transference Catalysts', which drops from the Zebach Apostle Raids.
  • - You can now enter the Berg Mesa Purification Mission via Innes.
  • - Zebach and Hasidim Apostle Raids are now unlocked.

  • The following text issues issues have been fixed:

  • - First titles received an overhaul.
  • - Fixed the spelling of two of the words in Talvish's dialogue in G21.
  • - Fixed the spelling of one of the words in Merlin's dialogue in G21.
  • - Added the missing parenthesis in Hagi's dialogue.
  • - Removed the unnecessary comma in Altam's dialogue during G21.
  • - Added the missing period to Llywelyn's dialogue in G21.
  • - Added the missing comma in the description for Nascent Divinity.
  • - The description of the Inner Tube Totem Coupon was revised.
  • - Fixed the spelling of Qilla when mentioned during the Hot Air Balloon Festival Event.
  • - Fixed the amount of materials needed in the Erg Enhancement UI.

  • The following graphic issues issues have been fixed:

  • - Fixed the issue where the Eluned Bunny Parka Bracelet (M) did not appear on characters.