What is a Secondary Password?

In Mabinogi, you have the option to add a secondary password to your account. Once the secondary password is set, you will be prompted to input this password every time you log into your account. Setting a secondary password adds an additional layer of security and protects your account from being compromised. Be safe! Protect your account information, including your account ID, both passwords, and Bank Pin, and do not share your information with others. Update your password frequently for the best security.

How can I set my Secondary Password?

This feature is automatic. Once you log into Mabinogi and the feature has been implemented, you will be prompted to create your secondary password. Any time you log into the game after your secondary password has been set, you will be prompted to input your secondary password. Remember! Do not give out your Secondary Password or any other information!

If I forget my Secondary Password, how can I retrieve it?

For security reasons, you will be unable to retrieve a forgotten Secondary Password. You can, however, reset your Secondary Password by requesting a Secondary Password reset. To do so, simply press the "Reset My Secondary Password" button above.