Create Your Own Mabinogi Fansite!

Consider yourself a Mabinogi enthusiast? Prove it, by creating a fansite! Just download the Mabinogi Fansite Kit to get started. It contains logos, screenshots, art assets, and more--but don't let the kit limit your creativity, feel free to use your own material as well! Once you've got something you've poured your heart into, submit it below for review. Once the site passes through the review process, we’ll add it to the list of fansites below.

Submission Form
  • MabiBeats:

    "Established in 2015 ♪Mabi Beats♬ aims to be a one stop shop for all of your musical and bard needs. Come join other bards and aspiring musicians as we share the joy of playing music in Mabinogi. We have a musical archive that anyone may contribute to, and you may also view any of the other submitted pieces of music. With a fun & goofy atmosphere, and longtime veteran bards of the community hanging about.. what’s not to love!"

  • Mabinogi Ask Blogs:

    Mabinogi Ask Blogs is your one stop for all Mabinogi related ask blogs on Tumblr. We hope more people will use the page as an easy way to find more fun blogs!

  • Taninogi:

    Taninogi is a blog based on the Tumblr platform where musicians from all over Erinn can gather and obtain free song copies created by members of the community. Here you will find news about Mabinogi as well as many great songs to share with your loved ones!

  • Mabinogi World:

    Established in December of 2007, the oldest and largest dedicated source of English information for Mabinogi! Full of information, walkthroughs, tips, and helpful contributors like you, we hope to facilitate a happy and fun community throughout all of Erinn. Also find us on Facebook and IRC.

  • LetsPlayMabinogi:

    LetsPlayMabinogi provides us with fun and educational Mabinogi video guides. He will walk you through some of the best parts of Erinn while providing us with insight into Mabinogi. Who knows? Maybe you will learn something you’ve never known about the game you love!

  • MabiTales:

    MabiTales is a channel that creates, directs, and acts out short stories using Mabinogi's 3D based world. Her videos range from in-game scenarios with relatable spoofs and pop culture references, to on-going gag series, art, and music videos!  It's a fun, wacky, and random way to get in a good laugh!

  • TheMabiNerd:

    A collection of Mabinogi videos brought to you by the one and only Mabi Nerd! They have music videos, rap battles, IRL spoofs, and many more so visit TheMabiNerd for a dose of comedy in your Fantasy Life. This Channel Has 6/10 Dura!