What is a Bank Pin?

In Mabinogi, you have the option to lock your account's bank using the Bank Pin function. Locking your account adds an additional layer of security and protects most of your precious items in case your account is compromised. Be safe! Protect your account information, including your account ID, password, and Bank Pin, and do not share your information with others. Update your password frequently for the best security.

How can I set my Bank Pin?

When you enter the Fantasy World of Erinn, you will meet all kinds of NPCs. One NPC that you'll find in every town is the banker. Talk to a banker and select the "Open Account" option. This will open up your character's bank inventory. You will notice that there is a button available called "Lock". Select the "Lock" button and you will be prompted to set your Bank Pin. Remember! Do not give out your Bank Pin!

If I forget my Bank Pin, how can I retrieve it?

For security reasons, you will be unable to retrieve a forgotten Bank Pin. You can, however, reset your Bank Pin by requesting a Bank Pin reset. To do so, simply press the "Reset My Bank Pin" button above. Please note that clicking this button will reset your bank pin on all servers.