G21 Pre-Update Event

Event Dates:

June 7th, After Maintenance – June 13th, 11:59 PM PDT

Event Details:

  • Head to Dunbarton to register a main character at Caravan Joe.
  • Log in each day to receive G21 Hype Coins.
  • You will receive quests that will require you to receive a certain amount of coins.
  • Completing these quests will reward a G21 Doki Doki Box.
  • Everyone has until June 21st before maintenance to exchange their coins for rewards.

Coin Details:

  • June 7th – 3 Hype Coin
  • June 8th – 3 Hype Coin
  • June 9th – 3 Hype Coins
  • June 10th – 3 Hype Coins
  • June 11th – 3 Hype Coins
  • June 12th – 8 Hype Coins
  • June 13th – 8 Hype Coins

Hype Coin Rewards:

  • Collect 5 coins: a G21 Doki Doki Box
  • Collect 10 coins: x3 G21 Doki Doki Boxes
  • Collect 15 coins: x6 G21 Doki Doki Boxes
  • Collect 20 coins: x11 G21 Doki Doki Boxes
  • Collect 28 coins or more: x11 G21 Doki Doki Boxes, a G21 Special Box, an Altam Mini-Gem, and a Pihne Mini-Gem

G21 Box Rewards:

Opening this box will reward all of the items below!

Hype Coin Rewards:

  • Collect 5 coins: a G21 Doki Doki Box
  • Collect 10 coins: x3 G21 Doki Doki Boxes
  • Collect 15 coins: x6 G21 Doki Doki Boxes
  • Collect 20 coins: x11 G21 Doki Doki Boxes
  • Collect 28 coins or more: x11 G21 Doki Doki Boxes, a G21 Special Box, an Altam Mini-Gem, and a Pihne Mini-Gem

The Guardian’s Path

A new story for the Alban Knights unravels in the forgotten sanctuary of the Knights. The astonishing finale to the story of the Divine Knights.

Llywelyn, the New Member of the Alban Knights

Excels at collecting information, and enjoys doing it. He is pragmatic and careful. He can be old-fashioned at times, being born in strict nobility and being educated by his parents who are also Alban Knights.

He was supposed be assigned to Lughnasadh, the intelligence unit, in consideration of his specialty and personality. However, he manifested the Divine Light in an incident; the leaders decided that he would be a better fit exploring Avalon, and assigned him to Arthuan unit.

Introducing the New Region: Avalon

A sanctuary that has been long sealed finally lifts its veil.

Avalon, the Promised Land

Once upon a time, the ancient Alban Knights reached Avalon after the divine prophecy.

They claimed the place as Aton Cimeni's sanctuary and cleansed the land. Afterward, they built a monastery and temples to worship Aton Cimeni.

The massive flow of Divine Light cumulated during the purification and uplifted all of Avalon, and a part of the sanctuary was lifted to the sky.

Forgotten Sanctuary of the Knights

As Avalon was sealed, time was stopped for every creature in the region. The town that once flourished was no more.

However, the Prophets' infiltration of Avalon triggered the flow of time again. The Unholy Light of the Prophets gradually corrupted the Divine Light of the sanctuary.

New Region: Avalon

Outskirts of Avalon

The Outskirts of Avalon was the final ground where the Knights defended against the heretic interlopers. This is also where the ancient Alban Knights lay at rest for eternity.

Avalon's Seal Stone

Avalon is sealed with a Seal Stone made with Divine Light, which prevents anyone from entering. The old Knights' sanctuary sleeps, waiting for the one worthy of breaking the Seal Stone.


The holy Yggdrasil has a purifying power that cleanses the corrupted Divine Light. It can maintain its original appearance from the days of ancient Avalon, thanks to this power.

Abandoned Camp

The campsite where the ancient Alban Knights used to train is now full of creatures mutated by the corrupted Divine Light.

City Ruins

This is where the ancient Alban Knights used to reside. Now, only the traces and the spirits with forgotten memories remain.

Forgotten Shore

This shore used to be full of activities as it was where the sancturary received supplies. Since the waterway is blocked from the uplift and the sanctuary is sealed, the shore is forgotten by everyone.

Two New Areas Unlocked!

Berg Mesa

This steep cliff used to serve as the holy gate that leads to the sanctum. When the sanctuary was sealed, the cliff became isolated as well.


The center of the floating sanctum is a temple. This beautiful temple was once full with the prayer and faith for Aton Cimeni, but now it is filled with silence as Avalon is sealed.

Weapon Erg Enhancement System

Activate the power of Erg latent in your weapon to wield the new power!

Erg Enhancement That Was Passed Down from Ancient Time

Kaelic was a member of the Alban Knights. He now remains in the sanctuary as a spirit. He meets the Milletian and realizes that this strange visitor and their weapon possess a special Erg, recorded in the ancient book of the Alban Knights.

Because Milletians have immense amount of latent Divine Light, their weapons accumulate a great amount of special Erg, which can draw out the weapon's potential power.

Erg Enhancement

Visit Kaelic by the Avalon Altar to infuse Erg into weapons or to increase max Erg levels.

Erg Infusion

Infuse Erg that has accumulated in a weapon into the target weapon. You need to use a weapon of the same type. Weapons that the Milletian has taken time and effort to enhance can receive more Erg.

Increasing Max Erg Level

After a certain amount of Erg has accumulated, the weapon becomes saturated, and you cannot raise its level by infusing any further Erg.

When this happens, you can infuse many materials into the weapon at once, enabling youto raise its Erg level even further.

Erg Effects

Each weapon type has a different Erg effect. Raise the Erg level to draw out the hidden power of your weapon! The effect and extra effect applied to the weapon become more powerful as the level increases.

New Missions and Raids

Avalon Field Raids
Get to your position! Stop the ancient monsters that
awakened along with Avalon!

Ancient Monsters, Awakened with Unholy Light

The ancient monsters that were sealed along with the sanctuary have awakened as Avalon's seal is broken. However, the Prophet's Unholy Light has affected the ancient monsters as well; the monsters are acting violently.


Mokkurkalfi had been a gentle creature who resided under the ancient castle's underground and rarely came out. However, Unholy Light has corrupted the creature, and now it has risen to the ground, destroying the buildings and attacking humans blindly.

The Sylvan Dragon

The Sylvan Dragon was a holy creature that protected Yggdrasil. It had gone to eternal sleep when Avalon's time was frozen by the seal. When the seal was broken, Sylvan Dragon also awoke. However, Unholy Light corrupted a mind already disturbed by the abrupt flow of time, turning the dragon into a violent being that destroys everything it sees.

How to Participate

Avalon Field Raid Contribution Rewards

Here are some of the rewards that can be obtained through the Avalon Field Raids.

New and Powerful Enchant Scrolls

Erg Enhancement Special Material

-Coming in August!-
Apostle Raids
Save the Apostle that suffers between the faith and insanity.

Apostle Hasidim

He was an Alban Knight who had unchangeable faith and powerful Divine Light. The grave he laid has been excavated by the Prophets who follow a god from otherworld, eons after his death.

The knight became Apostle Hasidim who lost the glory of the past, full of Unholy Light. However, the noble conviction still remains in his body even after death. Hasidim suffers from the pain caused by the endless clash of faith and insanity.

Apostle Zebach

This Apostle was created from the Prophets' experiment while the Milletian and the Knights were defending the Sanctuary Gate.

This is a powerful being created based on the dead's primal and powerful desire to "live". Many of this type of Apostle are starting to appear around the graveyards of Erinn, threatening Avalon and Erinn.

New Apostle Raid Clear Reward

The following is some of the rewards that can be obtained through Apostle Raid.

1. Erg Release Materals

2. Divine EXP

Avalon Purification Mission
Avalon is becoming corrupted by Unholy Light.
Defeat the bosses in each area and purify Avalon!

Save the Sanctuary that is Being Corrupted!

Unholy Light has awakened the ancient monsters in the Abandoned Camp, Yggdrasil, and other areas of Avalon. Even worse, the awakened creatures are spreading Unholy Light everywhere. The monsters' Unholy Light corrupts Avalon too quickly for the Alban Knights to stop it from spreading. Innes from Lughnasadh unit is desperate to find someone who would lend help in defeating the crazed monsters and purifying Avalon.

How to Participate in Avalon Purification Missions

You can talk to Innes in the Outskirts of Avalon to enter an Avalon Purification Mission. Select an area to cleanse and play the purification mission.

Shore Purification Mission

You need to face Archelon to purify the shore. Archelon was a fantastical creature that resided deep in the ocean even before the priests followed Aton Cimeni's guidance and reached Avalon. But now it's corrupted by Unholy Light and lost its path. It now even shows up near the Forgotten Shore.

Altar Purification Mission

You need to face Tagar to purify the altar. Tagar was a priestess who received Aton Cimeni's prophecy in the altar of Avalon. Her faith made her a spirit that protects the altar even after her death...But after Avalon's seal was broken, she became corrupted by Unholy Light while roaming around the altar.

Purification Mission Clear Rewards

Here are some of the rewards that can be obtained through the Avalon Purification Missions.

1. Sewing Patterns

2. Erg Enhancement Material Item

3. Materials for crafting the Alban Knights Equipment

4. Divine Weapon Exclusive Enchant Scrolls

New Transformation Skill

The Milletian becomes a new being with immense power.

Nascent Divinity

Nascent Divinity is a power reserved only for Milletians who accompany the Knights to the end of the G21 storyline.

Exclusive Divinity Skills


Divinity Customization

Milletians possess many powers from Erinn, and now they can manifest a strange new power from another world as well. While in Divinity mode, you can use Eidos to transform how you look. Apply a different Eidos per part to customize your appearance.

1. Obtaining Eidos

2. Activating Eidos

3. Applying Eidos

Sneak Peek at Different Eidos

  • Eidos: Zebach Halo
  • Eidos: Dominator Head
  • Eidos: Azure Crystal Satellite Object
  • Eidos: Purple-Azure Twin Satellite Object
  • Eidos: Unbalanced White Sky Wing
  • Eidos: Frostforce Aura
  • Eidos: Girgashiy Body
  • Eidos: Shiny White Star Halo
  • Eidos: Girgashiy Head
  • Eidos: Crystal Shard Object
  • Eidos: Weird Artifact Object
  • Eidos: Girgashiy Wings
  • Eidos: Radiant Shine Aura
  • Eidos: Void Guardian Body
  • Eidos: Painful Whisper Halo
  • Eidos: Cryptic Fear Head
  • Eidos: Justice Blade Object
  • Eidos: Claret Raven Wings
  • Eidos: Anguished Dark Aura
  • Eidos: Void Guardian Body