Ninja Renewal and Traveler's Guide

ANNOUNCE 10/18/2017 12:12:20 PM

Anju and Hagi are stepping up their game and they have brought a few changes to the Ninja Talent. If that doesn't satisfy you, then check out the new Traveler's Guide! Check out the details below!

Ninja Renewal

  • Anju's and Hagi's Shuriken Red Upgrade changed from one-handed weapon type to two-handed weapon type.
    • The Critical Damage bonus has been increased.
  • Shuriken Mastery Reforging Effect increased.
  • You can get an Alban Knights Training Stone [Party Ninja Skill EXP: 150%] from an Uladh Dungeon Reward.
  • The difficulty for the Ninja Talent tutorial decreased.
  • Kunai Storm's durability consumption decreased.
  • Explosive Kunai's Trap duration increased.
    • Rank Novice – F – 15 seconds
    • Rank E – C – 20 seconds
    • Rank B – 9 – 25 seconds
    • Rank 8 – 6 – 30 seconds
    • Rank 5 – 3 – 35 seconds
    • Rank 2 – 1 – 40 seconds
  • Smokescreen now has a protection debuff effect for each skill rank.
  • Shuriken Charge can be used and charged without selecting a target.
  • Sakura Abyss's charge time decreased by half for each rank.
  • Sakura Abyss's range per second has increased by double.

  • The below chart for Anju's and Hagi's Shuriken is for Artisan Upgrade:

    Traveler's Guide

    Tired of walking to the Moon Gates or Mana Tunnels to warp somewhere? Trying to stalk Price for a quest? Luckily the Traveler's Guide has everything you need! Check out the details below.

    • Press the Mabinogi Symbol located on the bottom of the screen to open the Traveler's Guide.
    • Talent Window is now located in the Character Information Window.
    • The following are features in the Traveler's Guide:
      • Price's Location
      • Daily Shadow Mission
      • Part-Time Jobs
      • Raids
      • Weather
      • Date and Time
      • Today's Contents (Banquets, Contests, and Tournaments)
      • Ability to warp to any Moon Gate or Mana Tunnel
    • If your level is over 1000 you will have a small fee to warp.