Zardine Hot Springs

ANNOUNCE 12/2/2009 1:34:55 PM

You’ve spend a long, hard day in the it’s time to relax! Perhaps you have a swimsuit you’d like to show off? Head to the Zardine hot springs for a relaxing dip in warm, soothing pools of water. It’s even said that the magical waters of the region have a special effect on those who bathe in them!

When you get to the hot springs, take a look around and decide which relaxation therapy best suits your needs. Some pools will increase your muscle mass, others will reduce it. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time in a particular pool before you’ll notice a visual change.

As you lounge about the pools, you may notice curious primates nosing around. These monkeys are probably hungry, and sharing your food might brighten their spirits.

Depending on how much the monkey enjoys the food you’ve fed it (those picky critters like home-cooked meals over store-bought ones), you will be given something in exchange, a token of the monkey’s gratitude, so to speak. The monkeys of Zardine are known to be collectors, so if you give them something they’ll go bananas over, you may receive something amazing in return! Such items include a Hot Spring Cap, Battle Short Sword, Marshal Shield Enchant, crafting items, and even gemstones!