Homestead Life Skill Update

ANNOUNCE 10/26/2018 3:38:28 PM

Your favorite life skills are finally uncapped! Become the master chef you always wanted to be, create epic bonfires, and more! In addition, we also have the homestead update, so you can train those new uncapped skills at ease. Check out the full details below!

Life Skill Update

Update Date: Thursday, November 8, After Maintenance

Enjoy many new recipes and methods when ranking up your Cooking skill! You can gain these fancy new tools from any General Shop!

  • Pizza Making: Unlocked at Rank 4 Cooking. Equip a Rolling Pin and a Cooking Table near a fire to use.
  • Fermentation: Unlocked at Rank 3 Cooking. Equip a Cooking Table and a Fermentation Vat to use.
  • Sous Vide: Unlocked at Rank 2 Cooking. Equip a Cooking Table and a Sous Vide Immersion Tub near a fire to use.
  • Julienning: Unlocked at Rank 1 Cooking. Equip a Long Cooking Knife and a Rolling Pin to use.

Enjoy more effects as you relax!

  • Rank 5: Mana regeneration rate increase.
  • Rank 1: Potion poisoning is alleviated more quickly.

Treatment is faster than ever!

  • Rank 1: Increases the number of targets you can heal simultaneously, and you can apply bandages faster!

Burn candles to add a variety of effects! Create Mini, Fine, and Finest Candles through Handicrafting. The higher the quality, the better the effect! Candle burning can be unlocked at Rank 5 Campfire.

  • Rank 5: The look of the campfire changes to a bonfire! Unlocks candle burning.
  • Candle Quality: Mini Candles give a 1% increase, Fine Candles give a 3% increase, and Finest Candles give a 5% increase to the effect of the candle.

Scents Effect
Vanilla Candle HP, MP, Stamina recovery speed increase
Lavender Candle Attack Delay reduction
Lemongrass Candle Fishing success rate and fish size adjustment
Cherry Candle Increase gathering speed
Cotton Candle Increase craft success rate

Every Renown Level gained for Edern, Endelyon, or Eluned will grant certain stats in random amounts. Endelyon will grant you MP, Edern will grant HP, and Eluned will grant Stamina. If you do not like the random stat increase you were given, then you can reset your Renown experience gauge. You will also receive a guide quest to gather Renown for the new NPCs. Complete this quest for a Life 2x EXP Potion (2 Hours).

Additionally, HP, MP, and Stamina will increase from 1,500 to 2,500!

Homestead Update

Update Date: Thursday, November 8, After Maintenance

Homestead Housing

  • Houses have been upgraded to have more space!
    • Mansions: 3 Built-in rooms, 4 additional rooms to unlock.
    • House: 2 Built-in rooms, 2 additional rooms to unlock.


  • You are now able to summon pets in your homestead!
  • You can now place more production props in your homestead!
    • Wheat Field
    • Barley Field
    • Corn Field
    • Potato Field
    • Shellfish Gathering Site
    • Hazelnut Mushroom Site
    • Mineral Vein
    • Metallurgy Site
    • Light Brown Pine Mushroom Site
    • Gold Mushroom Site


  • Workshops have been added to the homestead housing system!
    • Workshops are used to help train life talent skills.
    • There are five workshops to choose from!
      • Cooking
      • Smithing
      • Tailoring
      • Medicine
      • Carpentry
    • More workshops will be added in the future.
    • Request your Brownie to research different tasks to gain Expertise!
    • You can spend your Expertise on activating different multipliers for the corresponding skill.
    • Only one workshop can be added per room.
    • The appearance of the workshop changes upon upgrading to level 2!

Homestead Guide Event

Update Date: Thursday, November 8, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 6, Before Maintenance

Event Details

  • Must be level 30 or above to participate.
  • Log in to receive the "Workshop 1" quest.
  • Quest will be given to every eligible character on the account.
  • Guide quests will automatically complete if you already completed the objectives prior to the quest.
    • Example: "Workshop 1" requires you to create a homestead. If you already have a homestead the quest will automatically check off that objective.
  • Complete all of the quests to receive a Life 2x EXP Potion (2 Hours).