Quality of Life Update

ANNOUNCE 9/3/2020 7:17:14 PM

This month, we are bringing some much needed Quality of Life updates to Mabinogi! Check out the details below.

Quality of Life Details

Inventory Changes

  • Added the "Sort" function to sort items in your inventory bags. Each inventory bag can be sorted individually.
  • There is now tradeability information under the "Item Attributes" section for every item in your inventory.
  • You can now preview the appearance of Beauty Coupons in your inventory by right-clicking on the coupon and selecting "Preview". When hovering over a style in the Dressing Room, it will note if you have the coupon in possession.
  • You can now see the item's sale price if you were to sell it to an NPC under the "Item Attributes" section.
  • A star icon will now appear on any Doll Bag that is currently summoned.
  • When using the "Delete Expired Items" button in your inventory, the pop-up will now warn you of items that will be expiring soon. It will also highlight them in your inventory.
  • An option to tag Dye Ampoules and Gold has been added using the "Tag" function in inventory bags. Each inventory bag can be tagged individually.
  • You can ALT+left mouse click on an item in your inventory to move or sell it, depending on what other window is open.
    • You can move items to the following windows:
      • Pet Inventory Window
      • Bank
      • Trade window between players
      • NPC Shop
  • The search box field in your inventory will now say "Enter a search term" without having to click on it.
  • Several item max bundles/stack counts have been increased.

Category Item Name Bundle (Before) Bundle (After)
Ingot Iron Ingot 20 100
Copper Ingot 20 100
Silver Ingot 20 100
Gold Ingot 20 100
Mythril Ingot 20 100
Firewood Firewood 10 100
Average Firewood 10 100
Fine Firewood 10 100
Finest Firewood 10 100
Special Firewood 10 100
Enchanted Firewood 20 100
Leather Strap Cheap Leather Strap 10 100
Common Leather Strap 10 100
Fine Leather Strap 10 100
Finest Leather Strap 10 100
Herb Bloody Herb 20 100
Mana Herb 20 100
Sunlight Herb 20 100
Base Herb 20 100
Gold Herb 20 100
Garbage Herb 20 100
White Herb 20 100
Antidote Herb 20 100
Poison Herb 20 100
Mandrake 20 100
Ore Iron Ore 50 100
Copper Ore 50 100
Silver Ore 50 100
Gold Ore 50 100
Mythril Ore 50 100
Iron Ore Fragment 20 100
Copper Ore Fragment 20 100
Silver Ore Fragment 20 100
Gold Ore Fragment 20 100
Mythril Ore Fragment 20 100
Unknown Ore Fragment 20 100
Tin Ore Fragment 20 100
Zinc Ore Fragment 20 100
Nickel Ore Fragment 20 100
Braid Braid 5 100
Plate Iron Plate 5 100
Copper Plate 5 100
Silver Plate 5 100
Gold Plate 5 100
Mythril Plate 5 100
Cooking Block of Cheese 1 20
Slice of Cheese 1 20
Apple 1 20
Bread 1 20
Large Meat 1 20
Beef 1 20
Camellia Seed 1 20
Pine Nut 1 20
Celery 1 20
Corn 20 100
Barley 10 100
Wheat 10 100
Fluffpuff Mushroom 20 100
Light Brown Pine Mushroom 20 100
Hazelnut Mushroom 20 100
Gold Mushroom 20 100
Misc. Crafting Items Shyllien 50 100
Shyllien Crystal 50 100
Mutant Rabbit Foot 50 100
Mutant Plant Mucilage 50 100
Hillwen 50 100
Hillwen Ore Fragment 50 100
Hillwen Alloy 20 100
Hexagonal Bolt 50 100
Hexagonal Nut 50 100
Mutant 20 100
Mysterious Herb Powder 20 100
Branches 5 100
Wood Board 5 100
Tough String 10 100
Large Nail 10 100


  • The Current and Cumulative levels of a pet can now be viewed in the Pet/Partner Window when you hover over a pet's name.
  • The Hotkey Settings button has been added to the Pet/Partner Info window.
  • You can now delete expired items in your pet's inventory by using the Expired Items function signified by the 'Hourglass' icon.

Auction House

  • Added the "Equip Restrictions" search filter when searching in the "Armor" category of the Auction House.
    • Additionally, the following searchable keywords have been added:
      • Human
      • Elf
      • Giant
      • Male
      • Female
  • When searching for specific options in the Auction House using the "Advanced Search Filter", the search filter is maintained even when refreshing the search.
  • When listing an item in the Auction House, it has been changed so that you can modify the price amount after highlighting any area with the mouse.
  • Added the "Yearly" market price range option when viewing an Item's Market Price Data in the Auction House.
  • The speed of searching for item names in the Auction House has been improved.
  • You can now list Pet Adoption Medals with stored pets on the Auction House.
  • The following categories have been added to the Misc section of the Auction House:
    • Beauty Coupon
    • Adoption Medal
      • The following advanced search filters have been added for Adoption Medals:
        • Price
        • Remaining number of adoptions
        • Pet race name
        • Pet cumulative level
        • Pet points
        • Pet type
  • You can now preview the following items in the Auction House:
    • Shamala's Transformation Medals
    • Beauty Coupon
    • Appearance Scrolls
    • Homestead Props
    • Outfit animations
  • The average price of Sewing Patterns, Blacksmith Manuals, and Shamala's Transformation Medal are now individually calculated according to the individual kind of Sewing Pattern, Blacksmith Manual, or Shamala's Transformation Medal item.
    • With the above change, the average selling price of Sewing Patterns, Blacksmith Manuals, and Shamala's Transformation Medal has been reset.

Shadow Missions

  • When receiving an Elite Shadow Mission, a menu will show a list of all Elite Pass items available for use in the inventory.
    • Items with an expiration timer will be listed first, depending on which pass expires first.
    • The number of passes owned won't matter.
  • Daily Shadow Missions now start at the same time when you first log in.
    • The day will reset at 7:00 AM server time.
  • Any daily Shadow Missions from the previous day are now automatically cancelled if you did not complete them before the reset.
  • The time requirement for when these Daily Shadow Missions can be completed has been removed.
  • A change has been made to prevent Daily Shadow Missions from being forfeited.
  • You cannot start the Daily Shadow Mission of that day if you have a previous quest that can be completed.
    • You must complete the quest and log in again or change channels to start the quest of that day.

Dressing Room

  • You can now preview items that are not collected in the Dressing Room. These items will be previewed in random colors each time you preview them.
    • Some wings are not currently available for preview, including some dyeable wings.
  • There is now a feature in the Dressing Room that shows if you currently have the needed Beauty Coupon in your inventory for Hair, Eyes, Face, and Mouth styles when hovering over a style.

UI Improvements

  • Favorite 1st and 2nd Titles can be added/removed by right-clicking the title in the Title menu. Favorites are signified by a star icon.
  • The "Keep Equipped Equipment" option is checked by default during rebirth. Additionally, any titles that were equipped before rebirthing are retained if you rebirth using this option.
  • When attempting to enter a Homestead shortly after combat, a pop-up window will now display the amount of time you must wait before entering.
  • The max auto-craft quantity for items created with the following Production skills have been increased to 100. Please note that special items that can only be crafted 1 at a time has not been increased.
    • Weaving
    • Handicraft
    • Refining
    • Potion Making
    • Carpentry
    • Hillwen Engineering
    • Magic Crafting
    • Fynn Crafting
    • Milling
    • Theatre Mission Pass Crafting
  • There is now a "Status List" menu to view all active status effects for the character.
    • This menu can be opened by clicking on "Details" in the Character Info menu.
    • The remaining duration for any status effect with a time limit can also be viewed in the Status List.
  • Improvements have been made to the recipe search function in the Production skill menu.

Party Board

  • The party board now displays the party's name..
  • A party created for the Mini-game Mafia can now be registered to the Party Board.
  • You can now sort the party list by clicking on the Party Name, Party Leader, Party Goal, Detailed Items, Restrictions, Members, or Features tab of the Party Board.
  • The Party Board tooltip will now display if a member of the party has a title with a Party EXP increase effect.
    • The tooltip will also display if the Grandmaster Cleric Unique Effect is activated.

Options Improvement

  • There is now an on/off option for game sounds to play even when the game screen is not active.
    • You can toggle this option by going to Options -> System -> Sound.
  • There is now a "Borderless Full Screen" mode.
    • You can set this mode by going to Options -> System -> Screen.
  • The "Full Screen" button has been removed from the System menu.
    • Pressing the Left Alt + Enter buttons in windowed mode will now switch to borderless full screen mode.


  • The Bank inventory window will now display above your inventory when you access the Bank.
  • Bank items can now be freely moved, similar to bags, as long as there is space available.

NPC Shops

  • You can now select the quantity of individual items in a NPC shop.
  • There is now a "Repurchase" tab in all NPC Shops. Items sold to a NPC shop can be repurchased for the price it was sold at.
    • Only up to 10 items, starting from the ones you sold recently, can be repurchased.
    • When you log out or move channels, the list of repurchasable items is reset.
    • You cannot repurchase items that have a Shop Sales Bonus or Exploration EXP.
    • You cannot repurchase items that are exempt from Bank fees.
  • Items with the enchants that give you extra gold when selling, cannot be repurchased.

Traveler's Guide

  • The Traveler's Guide search function has been improved with the following changes:
    • You can now search without needing to add a space.
    • You can now search by typing a single letter.

Friend's List

  • New options have been added to the Friend's list for notifications:
    • You can now set the use of Offline Groups for your friend's list via Friend's List -> Options.
    • You can now toggle guild member login notifications on/off via Friend's List -> Options.
    • You can now set an alert for unread notes when logging in via Friend's List -> Options.


  • Characters will no longer appear semi-transparent while in Screenshot Mode.
  • Resolution settings are now based on the monitor in use.
    • 4K and Ultrawide (21:9) resolution is now supported.
    • The "Widescreen support" option has been removed.


  • In-game video clips now sync with your BGM volume option.
  • Screenshot filenames will now be saved with the year, month, day, hour, and minutes.
    • Hours are displayed in the 24-hour format.