Break the Watermelon Event Smashes into Mabinogi

EVENT 7/15/2009 11:46:41 PM
As Mabinogians begin entering the world of Erinn, the torturous heat and humidity combined with the treacherous exploration of the newfound areas of Courcle may send our hearty adventurers to a more tropical location.  On a quick jaunt to Port Qilla in Iria or the southern coast of Longa Desert, one will see curious-looking watermelons taking root on the hot sands of the beach. What better refreshment for the summertime than nice, ripe watermelons?

Crack them open with a blunt object to reap the sweet, refreshing treat inside. But take caution—watermelons don’t just appear out of thin air! Some may contain a trickster seeking to ruin your fun at the beach, while others contain the coveted items.


Now, Mabinogians…to the Beach!