• An old story from Grandma

    Listen to Mabinogi's captivating opening theme music...spectacularly remixed! Layered electronic synthesizers and pulse-pounding techno beats add a whole new dimension of drama, emotion, and excitement to the original opening track. Listen closely for the classic piano melodies from the familiar introductory score as it collides with fantastic new electronica elements specially remixed by our sound engineers!

  • The Wind, the Cloud, and the Field

    Music inspired by the gentle breezes flowing through the picturesque fields of Erinn. Let the soothing melody and its haunting ambiance be a constant reminder of the unlimited opportunities awaiting you in Fantasy Life.

  • The Dancing Leaf

    The original background music used for Tir Chonaill, “The Dancing Leaf” is an evocative instrumental number capturing the quaint and scenic essence of a small mountain village and the importance of the epic journey beginning there.

  • The Lady with the Poker Face

    The theme music for Behbinn, the bubbly bank teller in Tir Chonaill’s Erskin Bank! Adorably perky with an irresistible personality, Behbinn’s theme music is a mirror reflection of Behbinn herself.

  • Experience Turns Gold

    Original music inspired by the regal Chief of Tir Chonaill, Duncan. Once an invincible warrior in an era long past, the theme music for Duncan hints at his legendary roots and the wealth of wisdom he has compiled over the years

  • My Wooly Life

    An upbeat shuffle number, the theme music for Deian the Shepherd Boy accurately depicts the boy’s youthful rebelliousness, outspoken nature and eternal boredom.

  • Heart Song

    Everybody loves the portly Caitin, sweet and hard-working owner of the Tir Chonaill Grocery Store. Besides constantly caring for her ailing mother, she secretly worries whether she’ll be able to find a husband because of her figure. “Heart Song” is Caitin’s life music emanating from her dilemma.

  • With Hyacinth in Mind

    The orginal background music for Dugald Aisle. With heavy slap-bass driving the tempo for rousing melodies, the music serves as a reminder of a traveler’s bittersweet acceptance to the exciting, unfamiliar, and often solitary life that they have chosen.

  • A Hidden Scar Inside the Gem

    Eavan’s theme music accurately reproduces her cold beauty, unparalleled efficiency, and highly competent ability. Always professional yet icily unaffectionate towards the scores of men making advances towards her, Eavan and her them song strictly mean business!

  • SLASH!

    A BGM for the Battle Arena. The excitement, the spontaneity, and the explosiveness of the Battle Arena embodied in music form! A carousing number meant to get your blood pumping, and your blades flying!

  • The Bell That Never Tolls

    The theme song for Kristell, the astoundingly beautiful priestess serving at Dunbarton Church. The music’s beautiful tone perfectly matches Kristell’s own beauty, and her unwavering faith makes her that much more coveted and admired.

  • I Wish - Cutiepie

    A song that was used for the promotional video at KAMEX 2002, where Mabinogi was first unveiled. It starts with Nao’s theme song “I wish”, and segues into the image song for Mabinogi, “Cutiepie”.