Strategy Video Contest

EVENT 7/28/2009 11:26:09 PM
Hail, Mabinogians!

Some of you are already reaching into various Dan ranks, improving your disciplines, and refining your abilities. How do you make use of such powerful abilities? Anyone can windmill, but it takes a true warrior with finesse to perfect it-- to utilize it in a strategic fashion. Are you willing to share your secrets with the rest of the Mabinogi population? What tricks do you have up your sleeve when you find yourself in the middle of a trap in the dank and musty Rundal dungeon? Do you use a pet to draw attention away from yourself while you wind up a killer magic attack? Maybe you have a special way of catching fish! Are there any cooking recipes you find that allow you to speed up your training method?

Become the Mabinogi community's very own Ranald! Pass on your knowledge to other players for a chance to win a figurine of Nao dressed in her adventuring outfit! We will choose seven of our favorite videos and send each of those winners an Adventure Nao figurine!

To participate, use the YouTube video reply function on only the video below (direct link here). The Mabinogi staff has provided an example of how to perform the "Ice Counter." Feel free to take advantage of the YouTube "annotations editor" feature so that you may make notes regarding important points in your strategy video.
We strongly suggest players use the in-game recording function, but if you prefer another method of recording, you will not be penalized or disqualified.

Give a brief description of your video in the video information window and be sure to include your main character's name and server.

This event will run between July 29th and August 12th.