Saga Completion Event

ANNOUNCE 9/30/2014 4:09:31 PM
Once there were three friends, and the story of the archer, the mage, and warrior must continue. The Saga: Iria will soon enter into it's second chapter, so now is the time to catch up and complete the current tale!

Event Details

Oct. 1 - Oct. 15

Complete The Saga: Iria before or between the event dates and be rewarded with the Saga I Viewer's Gift Box! To obtain this special Saga I memorabilia, simply log-in after completing Saga I. This box will give you the chance to obtain rare outfits worn by key figures of Saga I (such as Millia's Exploration Outfit, Dowra's Outfit, and Cessair's Heart Outfit) along with other rare Saga inspired items, and can range from a number of other useful items such as potions and scrolls.

If you have already completed Saga, then just log in during the event dates to collect your reward!

Accessing Saga I

To experience The Saga: Iria, you'll need to click on the clapboard icon on the menu bar found at the bottom of your screen. A list of episodes will appear that you will need to play in order, starting from the Episode 1 - Fate's Origin: The Demon, and ending with Episode 10 - Divine Fury: The Advent. Don't forget, that if you haven't completed Saga before, the end reward is an awesome Battle Pegasus!