Treasure Hunter Coming Soon!

ANNOUNCE 9/5/2014 12:00:00 AM

Treasure Hunting originates from a mysterious elf with a thirst for knowledge and adventure. Determined to be better than the rest, the Treasure Hunter became proficient in survival skills, and specialized in dual-wielding guns.

Treasure Hunters take full advantage of their exceptional instinct, intuition, athleticism, perception and survival skills; putting them to use as they delve into their archaeology. While a Treasure Hunter stands out in any crowd because of their unique looks, it almost impossible to track them down due to their nomadic lifestyle and sage-like knowledge of survival.

The Treasure Hunter is an Ace in adventuring, so those who choose the path of the Treasure Hunter will be equipped with the ability to quickly enhance new skills such as Artifact Investigation and Exploration Mastery that will aid you in your excursions. However, any Milletian can learn these valuable new skills.

Crisis Escape:
  • Cancels monster aggro by tricking your enemies.

Exploration Mastery:
  • Passive skill that increases exploration exp!

  • Artifact Investigation:
    • Allows you to appraise or restore artifacts in exchange for gold.

The Sun Rod Colts come in two designs. The standard Sun Rod Colt, and the sleek Sun Prophet Colt. Both guns also double as an L-Rod to aid you in your quest for relics!

With the Treasure Hunter's arrival comes 250 new exploration quests, and over 1,000 existing exploration quests have been rebalanced!