Harvest Festival 2019

ANNOUNCE 11/4/2019 6:36:19 PM

Greetings Milletians!

Autumn is here, and that means it is time for the Harvest Festival once again! If you remember from last time, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday: friends, and food! Once again however, it's too much work for just one person (meaning me, of course). Can you help me gather what I need to throw a marvelous feast? If you help me out, I'll reward you with some sweet rewards!


Event Dates: Thursday, November 14, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 12, Before Maintenance

Prepare the Festival Table

  • During the Harvest Festival, talk to Caravan Joe in Dunbarton, near the Town Office.
  • Register a main character with Caravan Joe.
  • Once registered, you will receive the daily quest "[Event] Prepare the Festival Table".
    • Bring 3 Petite Potatoes - 20,000 EXP
    • Bring 4 Double Yolk Eggs - 30,000 EXP
    • Bring 1 Festival Turkey Dish - 40,000 EXP
    • Bring 1 Festival Table - 40,000 EXP
    • Deliver all ingredients to Caravan Joe - 80,000 EXP

  • You must have a weapon in your hand when you're attempting to gather Roasted Festival Turkey meat from the Roaming Roasters in Dunbarton.
  • You must use the Red Paint in Walter's Event tab. Red Paint created by using Handicraft will not work towards the Festival Table.
  • After completing the daily quest, you will receive a Participation Commemoration Box.
  • The event resets everyday at 7 AM PST.

Collect 20 Seedlings

  • If you collect 20 seedlings from the Participation Commemoration Box, Caravan Joe will give you:
  • The Autumn Fields Hat changes appearance based on your character's age.
  • You will have different styles at the following ages:
    • Age 10
    • Age 11 - 12
    • Age 13 - 14
    • Age 17 - 25
  • If your character is under the age of 10 or over the age of 25, you can still wear the basic Autumn Fields Hat.
  • The Autumn Fields Hat can only be obtained once per account, however, if you previously participated in the event, you can still obtain an Autumn Fields Hat.

Participation Commemoration Box

Obtained by completing Caravan Joe's daily quest. The box contains 1 seedling and 1 item from the list below!

  • Roaming Roaster Mini-Gem
  • Sturdy Eweca Gathering Knife
  • Sturdy Eweca Lumber Axe
  • Sturdy Eweca Pickaxe
  • Sturdy Eweca Metallurgy Sieve
  • Sturdy Lumber Axe
  • Sturdy Woodworking Plane
  • Sturdy Metallurgy Sieve
  • Sturdy Fermentation Vat
  • Sturdy Sous Vide Immersion Tub
  • Sturdy Long Cooking Knife
  • Sturdy Gathering Knife
  • Sturdy Gathering Axe
  • Sturdy Blacksmith Hammer
  • Sturdy Pickaxe
  • Sturdy Cooking Knife
  • Sturdy Sickle
  • Sturdy Weeding Hoe
  • Sturdy Fishing Rod
  • Sturdy Rolling Pin
  • Sturdy Ladle
  • Sturdy Cooking Table
  • Eweca's Light Short Sword
  • Ladeca's Light Short Sword
  • Full Moon Eweca Shield
  • Full Moon Ladeca Shield
  • Autumn Breeze Wear (M)
  • Autumn Breeze Short Style Wig and Hat (M)
  • Autumn Breeze Shoes (M)
  • Autumn Breeze Dress (F)
  • Autumn Breeze Twin Tail Wig and Hat
  • Autumn Breeze Shoes
  • Traditional Korean Outfit (F)
  • Traditional Korean Outfit (M)
  • Traditional Korean Outfit (F)
  • Traditional Korean Outfit (M)
  • Hanbok (M)
  • Hanbok (F)
  • Giant Hanbok (M)
  • Giant Hanbok (F)
  • Hanbok Shoes (M)
  • Hanbok Shoes (F)
  • Giant Hanbok Shoes (M)
  • Giant Hanbok Shoes (F)
  • Hanbok Bandana (M)
  • Hanbok Bandana (F)
  • Giant Hanbok Bandana (M)
  • Giant Hanbok Bandana (F)
  • Red Magic Mochi (Expires in 16 days)
  • Orange Magic Mochi (Expires in 16 days)
  • Yellow Magic Mochi (Expires in 16 days)
  • Green Magic Mochi (Expires in 16 days)
  • Blue Magic Mochi (Expires in 16 days)
  • Indigo Magic Mochi (Expires in 16 days)
  • Violet Magic Mochi (Expires in 16 days)

Harvest Festival Attendance Event

Event Dates: Thursday, November 14th, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 12th, Before Maintenance

Event Details:

  • Log in with a character above Level 30 and speak with Caravan Joe located at the Dunbarton Statue to claim an Erinn Attendance Book.
  • Every day you log in, you'll earn a stamp after 36 minutes.

Event Prizes: