Patch Notes - November 14th

ANNOUNCE 11/4/2019 10:50:21 PM

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The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:

  • Shadow Dungeon Super Drop Event: Thursday, October 31st, After Maintenance - Thursday, November 21st, Before Maintenance
  • Sacred Light Box: Thursday, October 31st, After Maintenance - Wednesday, November 27th, Before Maintenance
  • Harvest Festival: Thursday, November 14th, After Maintenance - Thursday December 12th, Before Maintenance
  • Battle Wear Box: Thursday, November 14th, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 12th, Before Maintenance
  • Shopkeeper's Sale: Partners are back again!: Thursday, November 14th, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 12th, Before Maintenance

  • New Updates:

    New recipes have been added!

      • Cheeseburger - Bread, Cabbage, Slice of Cheese
      • Shrimp Burger - Bread, Shrimp, Cabbage
      • Bacon Burger - Bread, Bacon, Cabbage
      • Chicken Burger - Bread, Chicken, Cabbage
      • Birthday Cake - Strawberry, Whipped Cream, Flour Dough
      • Cookies and Cream Cake - Chocolate Chip Cookie, Whipped Cream, Flour Dough
      • Pan's Craft Brew - Barley Flour, Bottle Water, Malt
      • Highball - Lemon, Brifne Whiskey
      • Hard Cider - Apple, Brifne Whiskey
      • Egg Sandwich - Fried Egg, Sliced Bread
      • Red Bean Shaved Ice - Mung Bean, Ice, Assorted Fruit Dish

      • Takoyaki - Simmered Octopus, Wheat Flour, Egg

      • Egg Porridge - Egg, Bottled Water, Steamed Rice
      • Miso Soup - Soybean Paste, Bottled Water, Mixed Vegetables

      Noodle Making
      • Shoyu Ramen - Noodles, Soy Sauce, Meat Broth
      • Shio Ramen - Noodles, Salt, Meat Broth
      • Miso Ramen - Noodles, Soybean Paste, Meat Broth

      • Omurice - Mixed Fried Rice, Egg

      • Soybean Paste (Ingredient) - Simmered Beans, Salt, Bottled Water

    The following bugs have been fixed:

    • Fixed an issue where Altam was incorrectly referred as Captain during G23.
    • Fixed an issue where the Extra Equipment Slot Expansion Coupon had the outdated description of only being able to increase a maximum of 2 slots.
    • Fixed an issue where after the VIP Update, Belvast's personal shop limit was reduced to 10 million gold. The new limits for a personal shop in Belvast is 20 million gold and 30 million gold if you have an active VIP service.