Ancient Treasure Chest Event

EVENT 8/25/2010 4:25:16 AM
While adventuring through Erinn Dungeons and the Shadow Realm in the next two weeks, you may come across Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments. Fragments, of course, are no good all by themselves so you’ll need to find someone who can piece the chest together. That person is the Town Office Administrator in Dunbarton: Eavan. Eavan will provide you with a keyword that will allow you to exchange Fragments for prizes.

Battle your way through dungeons and the Shadow Realm, fighting monsters of your own level. Fighting Fomors and monsters weaker than you will yield no Treasure Chest Fragments. Once you’ve had your fill of combat, bring Eavan ten Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments and she will reward you with two items, a Gift Box and an Ancient Treasure Chest. The Gift Box is easily opened and useful items. The Ancient Treasure Chest requires a special key found in the Cash Shop. If you do not wish to purchase a key from the Cash Shop, you may dispose of the Ancient Treasure Chest by dropping it on the ground. Due to the fragile nature of the Ancient Treasure Chests and the volatile chemical Eavan uses to fuse them together, the Chest will dissolve upon landing on the ground, along with anything contained therein.

Below are some of the rare items you can get from a Gift Box!

Japanese Twin Sword
Chinese Dragon Armor (Human, Elf, Giant versions)
Chinese Dragon Gauntlet (Human and Elf versions)
Chinese Dragon Boots (Human, Elf, Giant compatible)
Chinese Dragon Helm (Human and Giant compatible)

Here is a list of some of the rare items obtained from the Ancient Treasure Chest!

Cores’ Mysterious Roswell
Panacea Healing Wand
Metal Ice Wand
Quercus Fire Wand
Metal Lightning Wand
Carpinus Healing Wand
Par Ice Wand
Metal Fire Wand
Emission Lightning Wand
DevCAT Hat


Keep in mind that Chinese Dragon Armor pieces also have nearly three times the drop rate from Ancient Treasure Chests than that of Gift Boxes! Happy hunting!

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