Introducing Black Cipher

ANNOUNCE 6/25/2013 6:16:17 PM
Dear Milletians,

In our ongoing effort to combat game exploits and malicious hacks, we are utilizing a hack detector called Black Cipher, along with HackShield, to provide another layer of game security in Mabinogi.

Black Cipher may appear as the program "BlackCipher.aes" in the task manager. Players should not attempt to "End Process" this program. Doing so will not improve in-game performance, but will instead make you vulnerable to server disconnects and may cause your account to be flagged for File Modification.

Every gaming community has its share of cheaters, but we can put a stop to them with your support. Black Cipher is a powerful tool that helps us keep an eye on emerging hacks and root out existing exploits to make sure your experience is as fair (and fun!) as possible.

Thanks to all of you for helping to create a safer gaming environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Black Cipher?

This application is our latest tool against hackers and it will be updated frequently to provide the best protection against illicit activities. The Mabinogi client will not run properly if the Black Cipher is interrupted (i.e. force closed through the Task Manager).

2. Will this slow down my computer by taking up memory and other resources?

The application does require some memory, but it will not affect your gameplay or take a major amount of your system’s resources. If you are seeing lag or experiencing other issues with BlackCipher running, please let us know through the customer support system. We are always looking to fix and improve our system.

3. What will force closing Black Cipher in the Task Manger do?

Black Cipher must be running while the game client is running, and force closing BlackCipher.aes will close the game. You will not be able to run the game properly afterwards. You must close the Mabinogi client completely and launch it again. Do not force close Black Cipher this time around!

4. What happens if I delete Black Cipher from my computer?

Mabinogi will not launch properly without Black Cipher. Black Cipher will automatically re-download the next time you try to launch the game client.

5. Why am I getting a black screen/abnormal disconnection errors after my character logs into the game?

It is very likely that you have force closed Black Cipher or you have malicious applications on your computer that Black Cipher detected. As a result, you cannot enter the game. Please close the Mabinogi client completely and remove any malicious applications from your computer. Reboot your computer and re-launch the client to try again.

The Mabinogi Team