Rock, Paper, Scissors!

EVENTS 6/24/2013 11:50:51 AM

Caravan Joe is back and ready to have some fun! Starting June 26th to July 17th, we’ll be holding a classic Rock, Paper, Scissors Event complete with exclusive titles to highlight your skills. Speak with Caravan Joe at Dunbarton Bell Tower to obtain the Match Book and a few rock, paper, scissor tickets.

You’ll receive more rock, paper, or scissors tickets daily at each log in and every 10 minutes after that. You can use these tickets to activate the Match Book and then right click the Match Book to let other players know you’re ready to duel. Once you find an opponent, the match will begin. A rock, paper, scissors menu will open and you will have 5 seconds to make a selection. You can only select from the tickets you currently have. If you only have a rock ticket, you can only select rock. If you have all 3, you can select anything. If you do not select anything within 5 seconds, a selection will be made at random from the tickets you have available.

You’ll receive a buff every day during the event period as you accumulate wins.
• 3 wins: Life Skill EXP x1.3
• 5 wins: Combat EXP x2
• 12 wins: Shadow Mission EXP bonus
• 120 wins: Perfect Skill Reset (One time only)

*Buffs will reset daily

As you win (or lose) you’ll obtain rock, paper, scissors titles!
* Any time a match results in a draw, there will be an automatic “do-over” until there is a winner.

Winner Titles
Scissorhands - Win with Scissors 50 times
Fist King - Win with Rock 50 times
Royal Palm - Win with Paper 50 times

Loser Titles
Scissors Scary - Lose with Scissors 30 times
Rock Scary - Lose with Rock 30 times
Paper Scary - Lose with Paper 30 times

*To see how many matches you’ve won/lost and your daily buffs just check your Match Book.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive 5 AP when you complete your daily quests! Put those rock, paper, scissors skills to the test, stock up on AP, and get a bold new title during the Rock, Paper, Scissors Event.

The Mabinogi Team