Mabinogi Welcomes New Milletians

EVENTS 8/27/2014 5:11:40 PM

Are you new to these lands? Don't feel overwhelmed, we're here to help you! Starting Wednesday, August 13th, create a new account and receive some helpfully goodies to get you on your feet including a cute bag to store and sell items, and all kinds of amazing skill experience potions! We welcome you with open arms to our world, Erinn.

Event Details

8/13 - 9/9

Create a new account and receive the ever-so-cuddly Beginner DevCat Bag (7x7), featuring the DevCat mascot! Use this 7x7 bag to store extra items in your inventory, or visit a town and use this eye-catching bag to sell your wares in places like Dunbarton, a very busy city filled with other interesting Milletians.

Finding you need some extra boost in your adventures? You'll also get the Beginner Support Gift Box! This bountiful box contains inside of it Double EXP potions (1 day) for Combat, Life, Magic, Alchemy, Dual Gun, Martial Arts, Music, and Puppeteer skills! This box holds another awesome item, an AP 500 Potion! AP, otherwise known as Ability Points, are used for a multitude of things, including leveling up your skills. With all those Double EXP potions, the AP 500 Potion will boost your talents making light of any foe that will cross your path!