The Adorable Sheeptuplets Box

ANNOUNCE 2/25/2015 12:00:00 AM

You've never seen sheep like these before. They walk on two legs, wear cute little outfits, lure over other sheep with their amazing personalities, and they don't even need their little wings to fly - they'll lift you off your feet as an epic Cumulosheepus! Adopt your very own Sheeptuplet, just in time for Lunar New Year!

Sheeptuplets Box

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Feb. 25 - Tuesday, Mar. 17

Sheeptuplets Box
    Price: 10,900 NX

Sheeptastic Details

Open up a Sheeptuplets box to receive one of seven Sheeptuplet Whistles! You will randomly adopt one of the following:
  • Cutie Sheep
  • Gloomy Sheep
  • Meany Sheep
  • Cranky Sheep
  • Smarmy Sheep
  • Grumpy Sheep
  • Brainy Sheep

Note: Sheeptuplet whistles are not tradable.

Each Sheep comes in a random color, and has their own unique personality. Sheeptuplets can be dyed to your liking using Pet Dye Ampoules! As an added bonus, you will get five Honey Butter Corn Chips in your pet's inventory!

Sheep in Erinn

Sheeptuplets are the most popular of their kind causing other Sheep, Caldera Goats (including those in Renes), Tailteann Goats, and Tara Sheep, to fall in love with them. Your adorable new companion will also deal summoning damage, and slow monsters in the vicinity where they appear.

Sheeptastic Perks!
Wool can be gathered from your Sheeptuplet, and you might even sheer some Golden Magic Wool, a consumable item which immediately increases Defense and Protection for 1 minute. The perks continue as a potion, some gold, or equipment blessings are often bestowed upon you when first summoning your pet.

Up, Up, and Away!
What is the best thing about owning your very own Sheeptuplet? It transforms into the amazing Cumulosheepus, a nimbus-like flying mount! All Sheeptuplets are equal in uses, and endlessly adorable!
Note: The debuff removal effect of Sheeptuplet pets does not apply to Life Drain and Blinker Beam. The Sheep Robe pictured above does not come with the Sheeptuplets Box. Sheeptuplets come in random colors, however Sheeptuplets pictured were dyed using Pet Dye Ampoules.