Winternogi January Events

ANNOUNCE 1/5/2015 5:30:19 PM
In Vales it's winter all year round. Brrrr! This month, enjoy the snow with some very special Winternogi events. The Winter Sports Days event brings fierce competition to the tundra, but don't worry- Fleta's Shaved Ice isn't the only treat you'll earn!

Winter Sports Days: Ski Jump & Ski Racing Slalom

Event Dates:
Thursday, Jan. 15 - Tuesday, Feb. 3 (20 days)

Event Details:
  • In Ski Racing Slalom, you'll need to navigate down a hilly snow course and through checkpoints. Beat the course time of 55 seconds to earn a Winter Sports Day Celebration Box.
  • For the Ski Jump, boost your speed by hitting the markers, then launch off the ramp for an epic jump. Time it just right for maximum distance. Don't forget to stick the landing! If your total point value is over 1600, you'll be eligible for a Winter Sports Day Celebration Box.

The Winter Sports Day Celebration Box could contain any number of random rewards, including Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Tin level podiums (chair items), a variety of Reindeer Antlers, upgrade stones, gems, materials, and more!

Fleta's Shaved Ice Event

Event Dates:
Wednesday, Jan. 21 - Wednesday, February 11
(22 days)

Event Details:
  • Speak to Fleta to learn about how you can help her mix up some Shaved Ice. She'll give you a Large Shaved Ice Bowl, so you can gather snowballs careening down the mountainside. Watch out though-- some of those snowballs are actually damage-dealing boulders!

Redeem a full Shaved Ice Bowl to Fleta for a special reward- perhaps a Shaved ice Hat, or maybe a White Tiger Robe, or Style Sunglasses, Style Suit, a very special Dance Gesture Coupon, or a variety of other rewards.