Pan Attendance Book Event

ANNOUNCE 5/20/2020 6:52:01 PM

It's time for the Pan Attendance Book event. Collect stamps every day to earn items, including the new Giant Pan Doll! You can even earn a Forgotten Tomb Key Exchange Ticket (Event) for the Forgotten Tomb Dungeon. Check out the details below.

Pan Attendance Book Event

Event Dates: Thursday, May 28th, After Maintenance - Thursday, June 18th, Before Maintenance

Event Details

  • Log in to Mabinogi with a character above Level 30 and speak with Caravan Joe by the Dunbarton Statue to claim an Erinn Attendance Book. This book will be used to record your attendance during the event.
  • Every day spend at least 36 minutes logged in to Mabinogi on that character, and you'll earn a stamp.
  • Earn enough stamps to claim prizes! You'll have 21 days to claim 15 stamps for the top prize, so don't forget to log in when you can.
  • The event resets daily at 7:00 AM PDT.

Event Prizes: