Homestead Housing Update

ANNOUNCE 5/3/2018 10:00:00 AM

Everyone's most anticipated Homestead update is finally here! Enter and decorate your Homestead House with the brand new Homestead Housing Update. This update is permanent, so check out the update details here!

Homestead Housing Update

Update Date: May 3rd, After Maintenance

Update Details:

  • Head to your Homestead and build a house!
    • You can access your homestead via the seedling icon, or by pressing "U".
    • Your Homestead must be level 4 to create a house.
    • To create a house you must own a tent or igloo. Simply click on the tent or igloo to upgrade it to a house!
    • You can create a tent or igloo via the "hammer" button and clicking the "Building" tab.
  • Click on the house once it's built to lease it.
    • You must have a house or mansion to lease it. Igloos and Tents do not count.
    • Leasing a house costs 500,000 gold and lasts 30 days.
    • If you have Premium or VIP service, you can lease the house for free!
    • You can extend your lease anytime within 7 days of your lease expiry for only 200,000 gold.
    • If the lease expires before you extend it, you will be required to pay the 500,000 gold to lease the house again.
    • Once leased, an option will appear to enter the house when you click on it.
  • Decorate your house by going inside and clicking the "hammer" button.
    • The "Installation" option allows you to create furniture, change the design of the interior of your house, and paint your walls, columns, and floors.
    • These options will require gold or pon.
  • Invite your friends to your newly furnished house by talking to the House Manager Brownie and clicking "Issue Invitation".
    • Once you click this option you will receive a Homestead Invitation.
    • Trade this invitation to your friends.
    • Once they click "Use" they will be instantly teleported to your house!