Manus's Potion Fishing Event

EVENTS 2/28/2018 11:57:57 AM

Everyone's favorite fishing event is back! Travel to the Healer House in Dunbarton to get some special bait from Manus. Use this special bait to help you catch potions, as well as fishy hats. Hurry, because this event is back for a limited time! Check out the full details here!

Manus's Potion Fishing Event

Event Dates: Thursday, March 1 - Wednesday, March 7

Fishing Event Details:

  • Talk to Manus in the Dunbarton Healer's House.
  • Complete his quest to receive 100 Manus's Potion Bait.
  • Extra bait can be purchased from Walter in Dunbarton.
  • Use this special bait to fish anywhere and you'll catch all sorts of awesome prizes!
  • NOTE: All bait will be removed after the event ends.