Repair Renewal

ANNOUNCE 7/12/2017 12:18:57 PM

Tired of repairing your equipment one-by-one? Ever get annoyed when even the best blacksmith messes up on your repair? Then check out our new Repair Renewal Update and see what has changed!

Repair Renewal

The new Repair UI includes some cool new options when repairing your equipment. Check out what has been changed below!

  • Now have the option to repair ALL of your equipment at once!
  • Spend extra gold to get items repaired at 100% Success Rate.
  • Click any of the three repair options to choose to repair at the 100% Success rate or the Basic NPC Success Rate.

  • Can be used on all NPCs, except for the following:

    • Ferghus
    • Jenna
    • Dorren
    • William Partner
    • Butler Partner
    • Maid Partner
    • Laighlinne

    Altar of Restoration

    Place an Altar of Restoration that will exist for 2 minutes. Using the power of the 3 gods of Colum Cuallemeach, you can use this altar to restore damaged items.

    • Purchase this item from most Repair NPC's shop, except for Partners and Commerce NPCs.
    • Get a free Altar of Restoration by completing the quest from Walter.
    • Place the Altar anywhere by using it, then click on the placed Altar to open up the Repair UI.
    • After placing the Altar other players can access it as well.
    • Altar's Success Rate is 95%.