Gingerbread Food Truck Returns

ANNOUNCE 9/21/2016 5:42:40 PM

The Gingerbread Food Truck has returned! This truck full of tasty treats has returned for the fun of Cookie Island to help provide treats to everyone around. Pick one up to take your buddies on a sugary excursion, as a portable cooking station or to lay a snacktastic beatdown on your foes!

Gingerbread Food Truck

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Sept. 28 - Wednesday, Oct. 12
Gingerbread Food Truck
    Price: 11,175 NX

Gingerbread Food Truck Details

It's a bird, it's a plane - no, it's much tastier than that! The sweet soaring Gingerbread Food Truck is more than just a mobile business, it's a lifelong companion with a sugary constitution. Go where you will and bring your buddies along for the ride, the land of milk and cookies is just beyond the horizon!

How sweet is the Gingerbread Food Truck?

  • It can fly!
  • It can transport 4 people, more than most pets, with no race restrictions
  • 8x10 inventory size (80 cells)
  • Color selectable
  • Summoning the pet will deal damage and stun nearby monsters
  • Steam, Bake, Mix, and more wherever you go
  • Can be used as a well, allowing you to draw water on the fly
  • Functions as portable grocery store, and offers exclusive foods including Spicy Oden Soup, Tempura Udon, and Chicken Gizzards!
  • Comes with a delicious piece of chocolate and the "Your Pet" book, found in the inventory

Available skills:

  • Rest Skill
  • Defense Skill
  • Smash Skill
  • Counterattack Skill
  • Combat Mastery Skill
  • Critical Hit Skill
  • Healing Skill
  • First Aid Skill

Pet Stats:

  • Summon time 180 min
  • 150 HP
  • 24 MP
  • 120 Stamina
  • 80 Strength
  • 40 Intelligence
  • 20 Dexterity
  • 20 Will
  • 35 Luck
  • 8 x 10 Inventory Size