Fairy Village Event

ANNOUNCE 12/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

The Fairies of the Fairy Village need your help. Five of their villagers have gone missing while exploring the wide world of Erinn, and they need you to lend a hand and find their missing friends. The good news? All you need to do is lure the curious little Fairies out with your Life Skills, and enjoy the Fairy Village Hot Days for some free gear as well!

Fairy Village Event

Event Dates: Wednesday, Dec. 2 -  Tuesday, Dec. 22

How to Participate
    A Fairy in Need
  • Meet with the Fairy in Need in Dunbarton to learn about the missing fairies and receive 50 pieces of Rainbow Candy
    • The Fairy in Need will also sell a wide variety of Life Skill tools to help you get on your way
  • Use Life Skills to draw the missing Fairies out of their hiding spots
  • Each Fairy is attracted to their own set of Life Skills, and may appear if you use one of the following Life Skills:
    • Dressy: Sheep Shearing
    • Melty: Metallurgy, Mining
    • Munchy: Egg Gathering, Mushroom Gathering, Milking, Harvesting, Hoeing
    • Healthy: Herbalism
    • Woody: Carpentry (Firewood Chopping)
  • Fairies will take a piece of Rainbow Candy when you meet them, and will not come out if you do not have any candy left
  • As you meet more and more fairies, the Fairy Village will grow healthier and reward you with rewards:
    • Meet 50 Fairies (Village Level 2): 200,000 EXP
    • Meet 100 Fairies (Village Level 3): 1x Double Life Skill EXP Potion (2 Hour)
    • Meet 150 Fairies (Village Level 3): 2x Double Life Skill EXP Potion (2 Hour)
    • Meet 250 Fairies (Village Level 3): Fairy Village Gift and Fairy Training Seal. The Fairy Training Seal will grant 50 Training EXP to a set of Life Skills
  • As you meet each Fairy more and more, you'll also gain a growing boost to Life Skills related to that Fairy by up to 50%
  • Meet a Fairy 50 times and receive a Prop version of the Fairy, ready to decorate your Homestead!

Fairy Village Gift Contents
The Fairy Village Gift will reward one of the following:

  • Sturdy Gathering Knife
  • Sturdy Gathering Axe
  • Sturdy Blacksmith Hammer
  • Sturdy Pickaxe
  • Sturdy Cooking Knife
  • Sturdy Sickle
  • Sturdy Weeding Hoe
  • Sturdy Fishing Rod
  • Sturdy Rolling Pin
  • Sturdy Ladle
  • Sturdy Cooking Table

Fairy Village Hot Days

The Fairies are showing their gratitude throughout December by handing out some special loot over the next three Saturdays and Sundays. Each Hot Day starts and ends at Midnight, PST, so make sure you get all the prizes possible.

Hot Day Rewards
Saturday, Dec. 5
  • 1x Fashion Slot Key (30 Day)
  • 1x Mini Potion (Event), letting you shrink down small enough to fit through a mouse hole!
Sunday, Dec. 6
  • 1x Rebirth Potion
Saturday, Dec. 12
  • 1x Pet Dye Ampoule (Event)
  • 1x Fixed Color Dye Ampoule Selection Set (Event)
  • 1x Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule Selection Set (Event)
Sunday, Dec. 13
  • 1x Red Upgrade Stone of Protection (Event)
  • 1x Blue Upgrade Stone of Protection (Event)
Saturday, Dec. 19
  • 1x Trade Unlock Potion (Event)
Sunday, Dec. 20
  • 1x Lucky Red Upgrade Stone (Event)
  • 1x Lucky Blue Upgrade Stone (Event)

Note: All items will Expire after 30 Days. Items with the (Event) tag have certain restrictions, potentially including an inability to be traded or an expiration date. Must login or change channels in order to receive the Hot Day reward.

Life Skill Double-Time Event

To make absolutely certain that this is the best time to level up your Life Skills, we're doubling the Life Skill EXP you earn! Even better, when you do rank-up a Life Skill, you'll start with a bonus of 10 EXP!

Event Dates: Wednesday, Dec. 2 -  Tuesday, Dec. 22

Event Details
  • Bonus Life Skill Training: Gain double EXP for your Life Skills
  • Life Skill Lifter: After ranking up a Life Skill, gain +10 EXP for the next rank of the Life Skill