Fall Events - Fashion and Fishing!

ANNOUNCE 11/3/2014 12:41:07 PM
Bingo never goes out of style! With the Fashion Bingonogi event, Caravan Joe is introducing a fun and exciting way for you to attain some stylish threads... and other awesome prizes!

Fashion Bingonogi Event Details!

Event Dates: Nov. 5 - Nov. 25

  • Obtain a Bingo Event Scroll from Caravan Joe in Dunbarton.
  • Earn Roulette Bingo Coins by defeating monsters.
  • All monsters have the potential to drop coins, but they're more likely to drop from more difficult monsters.
  • Bingo Coins are also earned for every 60 minutes you're logged into the game.
  • Use Roulette Bingo Coins to spin a roulette wheel.
  • Stamps on the Bingo Event Scroll are earned based on the numbers given by the roulette wheel.

Don’t skimp on the hard work – take down the baddest of the baddies and you’ll be yelling BINGO in no time!

Manus's Potion Fishing Event Details

Event Dates: Nov. 5 - Nov. 18

Anyone up for a little fishing? Word on the street is they're biting! But fish aren't the only thing you'll find in the water! Manus's Potion Bait is the best tool for attracting something a bit more exciting, such as a Friendly Shark Hat, Monster Shark Hat, Penguin Robe, and much more!

Get to Fishing!
  • Talk to Manus in the Healer's House.
  • Complete his quest to receive 100 Manus's Potion Bait.
  • Extra bait can be purchased from Walter in Dunbarton.
  • Use this special bait to fish and you'll catch all sorts of awesome prizes!