Autumn Ace Gachapon

ANNOUNCE 9/16/2014 4:16:55 PM

Autumn is nearly here, but we're starting the festivities early with the Autumn Ace Gachapon! This new item includes festive fall-themed dyes, brand new Bounty Cards, and new Starlet Wigs. Grab the Autumn Ace Gachapon, an item as delicious as pumpkin spice, today!

Autumn Ace Gachapon

Sept. 17 - Oct. 7

Autumn Ace Gachapon
Autumn Ace Gachapon
    Price: 1,500 NX
    Price: 15,000 NX

New and Notable Items

The Autumn Ace Gachapon is filled with amazing items, including new cosmetic options and new functional items. Open one up and you'll also get a chance of acquiring rare items such as the Flame and Demon Wings.

New Items
  • Rose Blossom Starlet Wig
  • Sweet Ribbon Starlet Wig
  • Emerald Flame Wings
  • Bounty Hunter Card (Bronze)
  • Bounty Hunter Card (Silver)
  • Bounty Hunter Card (Gold)

Rare Items
  • Golden Flame Wings
  • Crimson Flame Wings
  • Azure Flame Wings
  • Violet Flame Wings
  • Emerald Flame Wings
  • Black Demon Wings
  • White Demon Wings
  • Red Demon Wings
  • Rose Blossom Starlet Wig
  • Sweet Ribbon Starlet Wig
  • Starlet Silver Brooch Wig
  • Starlet Wig

Notable Items
  • Fall Inspired Dye Colors
  • Instrument Spray Paints
  • A range of Instruments including Pianos, Cellos, and Standing Concert Microphones
  • Unique Skill Training Potions

Bounty Hunter Cards

Bounty Hunter Cards are new items that can be used when hunting outlaws listed on the Wanted Board. When you enter the Outlaw's Homestead while in "Pursuit mode," a Bounty Hunter will appear to assist you in taking down the fugitive. Bring that baddie to justice and the Bounty Hunter Card will award you a sweet bonus reward!

Card Bonus Reward
Bounty Hunter Card (Bronze) 9,000 Ducats
Bounty Hunter Card (Silver) 12,000 Ducats
Bounty Hunter Card (Gold) 18,000 Ducats