[PATCH NOTES] From the Shadows

ANNOUNCE 7/22/2014 10:03:01 AM

Ninjas are neither seen nor heard. They stalk from the shadows and strike without warning. They are deadly, but hold to an ancient set of principles, a code they will not break. With the new Ninja Talent, now you too can become a master of the night.

New Talent – Ninja

  • As your active Talent, you’ll gain Strength and Will more quickly.
  • Earn 2x EXP when training Ninja skills.
  • New Characters receive the “Shadow in the Darkness” beginner title.
  • Entering Combat Mode allows you to run swiftly.

New Weapon Type - Shuriken

  • Equipping Shuriken-type weapons will allow you to utilize special Ninja skills.
  • The Spiral Shuriken can be obtained through the Ninja beginner's tutorial quest or from an NPC that sells weapons.
  • Blacksmiths can now learn how to create Hagi's and Anju's Shuriken from Blacksmith Manuals.
  • Operates as a melee and range weapon.

New Skills

  • Shuriken Mastery (Passive)
    • Must have a Shuriken equipped to train the skill
    • Transitions normal attacks into shuriken attacks
    • Swiftly strikes a single target in range
  • Shuriken Charge
    • Charge up the skill and target an enemy to strike
    • Charge up your Shuriken to strike multiple enemies in range
  • Shadow Cloak
    • Vanish into the night, avoiding harm (increases running speed while active)
    • If you manually cancel the skill, you'll reappear from the shadows and generate a tornado
    • Enemies hit with the tornado will receive damage and be knocked back
    • Once the tornado dissipates, it will stun the enemy
  • Explosive Kunai
    • Deploy an explosive trap on the ground
    • Damages enemies that run over it
    • gher ranks will increase the number of explosives deployed
  • Kunai Storm
    • Target an enemy and rain a storm of Kunai blades upon its head
    • Any enemies in range will also be damaged
  • Shadow Bind
    • Select the ground near an enemy to call upon the shadows
    • Shadow beings will rise from the ground to stun nearby foes
  • Sakura Abyss
    • Hold and charge your magic to blast monsters with nature’s fury
    • As you continue the charge, the range and damage increases
    • Enemies in range will be damaged
    • Charging the skill will leave you vulnerable to attacks
  • Smokescreen
    • Select the ground near an enemy to cast a thick fog
    • The fog will cloud the enemy’s vision and lower their defense


  • Players will no longer drop items when knocked unconscious.
  • Players who have at least 10 Weapon Fragments from the Shadowy Talents Event will receive a Starblade Shuriken in exchange.
  • Players who received a Shadowy Coupon from the Shadowy Talents Event will receive a Ninja Skill Potion in exchange.

Resolved Issues

  • Trading one of the following character cards will now grant an Appearance Coupon:
    • Rin-Len Giant Premium Character Card
    • Rin-Len Elf Premium Character Card
    • Rin-Len Human Premium Character Card
    • Miku-Kaito Giant Premium Character Card
    • Miku-Kaito Elf Premium Character Card
    • Miku-Kaito Human Premium Character Card
  • The Rich-Blonde hair color from the Rin-Len Giant Premium Character Card is now available if you have the Rin-Len hairstyle equipped.
  • The Maid and Butler hairstyles previously purchased in the Beauty Shop is no longer available. All players who had the hairstyle on 6/24/14 will be compensated with 25 Pon.
  • Players can now turn in their Fleta's Heavy Armor Upgrade Coupon (Event) with NPC, Fleta.
  • Players who logged in on Saturday, July 19, between 8PM - 9PM PDT will receive the Commerce Reforging Tool upon log in.
  • The mouth styles for Square Mouth, Triangle Mouth, and Laughing Mouth will now appear properly for Giants in the Dressing Room.
  • Players can no longer equip two inner tubes at once.
  • Graphics for the charge counter on skill icons can now be seen.

Known Issues

  • In the "First Encounter" quest for Ninja, the first criteria may not complete if you speak to Endelyon too quickly. Re-logging or changing channels will resolve this issue.
  • When running the Ninja skill tutorials (in Shadow Missions) for the Ninja, Anju or Hagi may become unresponsive.
  • The Hidden Skills tab in the Skill menu currently does not display any skills.