Mabinogi Aces: Professor J

ANNOUNCE 1/16/2014 11:14:46 AM
Alchemy is a complex field that only the world's top minds can ever truly master. But now, thanks to Professor J's stunning innovations, you too can become an alchemical mastermind.

Table of Contents

  • New Features and Events
  • We Want Your Feedback

    • The Vates’ Adventure

      Professor J is a member of the highest order of alchemists. Called Vates, these scientific geniuses have advanced their field by leaps and bounds. Whether you're a humble tinkerer or a scholarly veteran, you do not want to miss their amazing discoveries.

      Vates is the third Ace talent option, available via an Ace Character Card. While the new skills, weaponry, and features are not limited to Vates, those who choose the path of these elite Alchemists will enjoy the following advantages:

      2x Skill Training

      Starting Bonus

      • Fragmentation
      • Synthesis
      • Mana Crystallization
      • Life Drain
      • Alchemy Mastery
      • Water Cannon
      • Barrier Spikes
      • Wind Blast
      • Flame Burst
      • Sand Burst
      • Rain Casting
      • Frozen Blast
      • Metal Conversion
      • Shock
      • Heat Buster
      • Sword Mastery
      • Axe Mastery
      • Blunt Mastery
      • Final Hit (Human)
      • Throwing Attack (Giants)
      • Stomp (Giants)
      • Wind Guard (Giants)
      • Taunt (Giants)
      • Chain Cylinder
      • Fire Alchemy Mastery
      • Water Alchemy Mastery
      • Clay Alchemy Mastery
      • Wind Alchemy Mastery
      • Transmutation Mastery
      • Elemental Wave
      • Golden Time
      • Hydra Transmutation
      • Guard Cylinder Mastery
      • Summon Golem
      • Charge
      • Assault Slash
      • Shield Mastery
      • Heavy Armor Mastery
      • Light Armor Mastery
      • Evasion
      • Defense
      • Smash
      • Counterattack
      • Windmill
      • Combat Mastery
      • Critical Hit

      Given Titles

      • The Aspiring Battle Alchemist
      • The Aspiring Construct Alchemist
      • The Aspiring Warrior

      Starting Skills

      • Elemental Wave (Practice)
      • Golden Time (Practice)
      • Hydra Transmutation (Practice)

      Starting Stats

      • STR +5
      • INT +10
      • HP +5
      • MP+5
      • Stamina +5

      The following Character Cards will also grant you access to the Vates talent and associated bonuses:
      • Ace Character Card
      • Professor J Ace Character Card (includes exclusive Professor J costume)
      • Free Character Card (available only for the first character on an account)
      • Hero Character Card (restricted to cumulative level +1000)
      • Elite Hero Character Card (restricted to cumulative level +2000)

      The Professor J Character Card

      There’s no better way to experience Ace content than with this Professor J-inspired Character Card. Don the noble uniform of the world's greatest alchemist, complete with cap, clothes, boots, and gloves.

      You’ll enjoy all of the above advantages instantly. The Professor J Character Card is only available for a limited time.

      Duration: January 23rd - February 4th

      The Guard Cylinder

      None of Professor J's inventions are as iconic as the mighty Guard Cylinder, a deadly dual-wielding weapon. Strap a Guard Cylinder onto your shield arm for defense, and boost your alchemical powers in the process.

      A standard Guard Cylinder can be purchased from Eabha in Tailteann for 4500 Gold. The elite Rebis Guard Cylinder will be given free of charge to all users who accept The Gift of Professor J on January 25th.

      For those who like to customize, this device can be dyed in two metal parts and one cloth part, and meets all shield and cylinder enchants.

      Guard Cylinder

      Upgrade Name




      Upgrades Required

      Guard Cylinder Special Upgrade 1 Melee Attack Auto Defense Chance +5% 30 8600 0
      Guard Cylinder Special Upgrade 2 Long Range Auto Defense Chance +5% 40 9500 1
      Guard Cylinder Special Upgrade 3 Magic Attack Auto Defense Chance +5% 45 9500 1
      Gem Repair 1 Max Durability +2 100 20000

      Rebis Guard Cylinder

      Upgrade Name




      Upgrades Required

      Replace Trigger Critical +4 20 4000 0
      Weight Reduction 1 Reduce Stamina by 5% 5 500 0
      Weight Reduction 2 Reduce Stamina by 6% 8 800 1
      Weight Reduction 3 Reduce Stamina by 7%
      12 1200 2
      Guard Cylinder Special Upgrade 1 Melee Attack Auto Defense Chance +5% 30 8600 0 ~ 0
      Guard Cylinder Special Upgrade 2 Long Range Auto Defense Chance +5% 40 9500 1 ~ 2
      Guard Cylinder Special Upgrade 3 Magic Attack Auto Defense Chance +5% 45 9500 1 ~ 2
      Gem Repair 1 Max Durability +2 100 20000

      New Combat Science

      When you first equip your new Guard Cylinder, you'll notice a small Attribute Marble set of dials on your HUD. In order, these meters represent your current Fire, Water, Wind, and Clay levels.

      • Alchemy Crystals are a thing of the past. If you still have any, go sell them to Eabha in Tailteann.
      • You’ll see the levels of the corresponding meters increase as you exercise the relevant skills.
      • Boost your meters to use Elemental Wave.
      • Utilizing the Golden Time skill will raise the levels of all your Attribute Marbles to 100% for a brief period of time.
      • The Attribute Marbles reset to 0 if your character is defeated or logs off.

      Enhanced Golems

      Double cylinders means increased control of summoned Golems. Having the Guard Cylinder equipped opens up the ability to use Auto AI mode on the control switch with a summoned Golem.

      • The Auto AI mode will open your Golem up to using a variety of randomized attacks.
      • Using Elemental Wave in conjunction with Summon Golem will spawn a Shadow Golem.
      • Using Elemental Wave followed by Summon Golem with a magic golem crystal will summon a Magic Golem.

      Build up your abilities with Elemental Wave to summon more powerful servants:

      Elemental Wave









      Novice 190 550 1000 10 90 40 5 0
      Rank C 300 600 1000 30 160 70 10 4
      Rank 9 500 650 1000 60 250 100 15 8
      Rank 5 550 700 1000 80 280 110 20 15
      Rank 1 650 750 1000 100 320 130 24 18

      As you become a Shadow Golem Summoning Guru, you’ll improve your Golem's abilities based on the below information:

      Skill Rank

      Summon Duration (sec)

      Golem Bonus HP

      Golem Bonus Dmg

      Golem Bonus Def

      Golem Bonus Protection

      Novice 180 0 0 0 0
      Rank F 180 15 10 2 0
      Rank E 180 30 15 4 2
      Rank D 180 45 20 6 2
      Rank C 240 60 25 8 4
      Rank B 240 75 30 10 4
      Rank A 240 90 35 12 6
      Rank 9 240 110 50 14 6
      Rank 8 240 130 55 16 8
      Rank 7 300 150 60 18 8
      Rank 6 300 170 65 20 10
      Rank 5 300 200 80 22 12
      Rank 4 300 220 85 24 14
      Rank 3 300 240 90 26 16
      Rank 2 360 260 95 28 18
      Rank 1 360 300 120 30 20

      New Alchemy Skills

      The Guard Cylinder is the key to mastering Alchemy. Arm yourself with Professor J's trademark weapon and become a true Vates.

      Guard Cylinder Mastery

      Building expertise with Guard Cylinder Mastery will improve your alchemical skills across the board.

      • Guard Cylinder Mastery is obtained the first time you equip a Guard Cylinder.
      • You can advance this skill by attacking and defending with your Guard Cylinder equipped.
      • Guard Cylinder Mastery affects the following skills:
        • Flame Burst
        • Water Cannon
        • Life Drain
        • Wind Blast
        • Sand Burst
        • Frozen Blast
        • Shock
        • Heat Buster

        Skill Rank

        Guard Cylinder and Cylinder

        Guard Cylinder Only

        Min Damage

        Max Damage

        Novice Critical +1 Alchemic Damage -25% 0 1
        Rank F Critical +1 Alchemic Damage -25% 0 2
        Rank E Critical +1 Alchemic Damage -24% 0 3
        Rank D Critical +1 Alchemic Damage -23% 0 4
        Rank C Critical +2 Alchemic Damage -23% 1 4
        Rank B Critical +2 Alchemic Damage -21% 2 5
        Rank A Critical +3 Alchemic Damage -20% 3 6
        Rank 9 Critical +3 Alchemic Damage -19% 4 7
        Rank 8 Critical +3 Alchemic Damage -18% 4 8
        Rank 7 Critical +4 Alchemic Damage -17% 4 9
        Rank 6 Critical +4 Alchemic Damage -16% 5 10
        Rank 5 Critical +5 Alchemic Damage -15% 6 11
        Rank 4 Critical +5 Alchemic Damage -14% 7 13
        Rank 3 Critical +5 Alchemic Damage -13% 8 14
        Rank 2 Critical +5 Alchemic Damage -12% 9 15
        Rank 1 Critical +10 Alchemic Damage -10% 11 17

        Hydra Transmutation

        Rumor has it that Professor J has dabbled in the dark arts as well as Alchemy. Tap into his forbidden knowledge...

        • Once Guard Cylinder Mastery reaches Rank F, you’ll unlock the Dark Transmutation quest. Speak to Dorren in Taillteann to complete it.
        • Your Hydra is summoned at the cast point, spraying noxious gas in four directions that reduce enemy Defense and Protection, while also inflicting continuous damage.
        • Cast distance is 5m.
        • Hydra Transmutation cannot be used in conjunction with the Tower Cylinder.
        • This skill will also receive a damage boost from both Alchemy Mastery and by increasing the Clay Attribute.
        • The Hydra Transmutation Master Title has the following effects:
        • Critical +3%
        • +10 Clay Alchemy damage
        • Hydra summon duration increased by 20 seconds

        Elemental Wave

        Make your skills volatile! Elemental Wave will significantly enhance the potency of the subsequently cast skill.

        • There is a small opportunity to acquire Elemental Wave by using the Chain Cylinder skill. Repeated use of the skill will increase the odds of obtaining Elemental Wave.
        • Using Elemental Wave is a trigger, and will not consume MP or Stamina. However, using the subsequent skill will drain all alchemy meters to 0%.
        • Will activate the following skill effects:
        • Heat Buster: delivers 3 consecutive hits, resulting in increased damage
        • Frozen Blast: 100% chance to freeze enemies near the character
        • Shock: increases skill duration, damage, and range
        • Summon Golem: summons a Shadow Golem with increased summon time and stats
        • Life Drain: increases damage and recovery
        • The Elemental Wave Master Title has the following effects:
        • HP +30
        • MP +30
        • Stamina +30
        • +20% Alchemy meter generation

        Golden Time

        A skill most effectively used in conjunction with Elemental Wave, Golden Time will temporarily boost all of your alchemy meters to 100%.
      • There is a small opportunity to acquire Golden Time when using Elemental Wave at Rank A or above.
      • As Golden Time skill rank increases, your meters will sit at 100% for longer.
      • Once Golden Time expires, all meters will fall to 0%.
      • Based on the rank of Elemental Wave, Golden time will raise your Max HP, Max MP, and Max Stamina, and decrease your skill cooldown time.
      • Using this skill increases proficiency with the Guard Cylinder.
      • The Golden Time Master Title has the following effects:
      • Critical +3%
      • Alchemic Damage +10
      • Golden Time duration increased by 1 minute

      • New Features and Events

        Professor J is no stranger to unforseen circumstances, and could not have anticipated the wealth of activity that follows in his wake....

        Era of the Alchemist

        Become a Vates student and enjoy a special 2x training boost on all Alchemy skills. Combine it with your existing bonuses for ridiculous multipliers!

        Duration: January 23rd – February 4th

        The Gift of Professor J: Guard Cylinder Giveaway

        Professor J favors progress over profit, so he's giving his trademark weapon away for free. Log in any time during the 24 hour window to claim a Rebis Guard Cylinder of your very own.

        Duration: January 25th (all day)

        Tame Your Dragon

        Hydras aren’t the only giant lizards wreaking havoc in Erinn. The monstrous Mother Dragon has claimed the Dunbarton town square as her own. Meet her there and find out how you can tame one of her hatchlings from the comfort of your homestead.

        Duration: January 23rd – February 4th

        Advanced Peaca and Coill Dungeons

        The popular Peaca and Coill Dungeons have received a new difficulty tier, perfect for fanatics looking to plunder their depths…

      • Entrants must be Expert or higher in at least one talent.
      • A pass is required for entry, which can be obtained from the end chests of various Shadow Missions and select dungeons.
      • Unrestricted Dungeon Passes and Unlimited Shadow Mission Passes cannot be used.
      • 1-8 players may enter Peaca Dungeon as a party.
      • Coill Dungeon can only be completed solo.
      • For both Dungeons, there is no Exit button or statue. The only way to return to the dungeon’s altar is via the Red Wings of the Goddess item.
      • Orbs throughout each dungeon will trigger enemy spawns.
      • Completing either dungeon grants you a journal entry and title, along with a reward chest.

      • We Want Your Feedback

        Share your thoughts on Professor J, the new Vates content, dragons, alchemy, and all the rest in the official forum thread. Thanks to players like you, we're always making Mabinogi a better experience, so let your voice be heard.