[UPDATE] Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Renewal

ANNOUNCE 4/23/2013 11:59:06 AM

Attention, players new and old! We are updating Chapter 3 and Chapter 4  to make quests faster and rewards easier! We will be adjusting the difficulty levels for Shadow Missions to accommodate a larger player base, reducing EXP gaps, and changing the way we handle difficulty, so it’s based on your EXP instead of your level.
The following quests will be updated:

G9: Alchemist
G10: Goddess of Light
G11: Sword of the Gods
G12: Return of the Hero
G13: Hamlet
G14: Romeo and Juliet
G15: Merchant of Venice
G16: Macbeth

Along with these changes you can speak with Duncan to start any of the mainstream quests. This will be dependent of your level, so speak with Duncan and see what you can do!

 Prepare for a new and improved Chapter 3 and 4!

The Mabinogi Team