[UPDATED] Playful Puzzle Returns!

ANNOUNCE 9/17/2020 10:26:41 PM

A Boy in Need is back with another puzzle challenge! Help him collect the spilled puzzle pieces to put it back together. The more pieces you collect, the more prizes you'll earn! Check out the details below.

Event Dates: Thursday, September 24th, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 24th, Before Maintenance

Due to an issue where some players received extra puzzle pieces, the event has been reset as of September 25th, 1:30 PM PDT.

  • 1. Players will have to re-register a main character at the NPC, A Boy in Need, in Dunbarton.
  • 2. All puzzle pieces have been reset.
  • 3. Any players that had previously claimed rewards will still have those rewards claimed, but will still be able to progress once they have the correct amount of puzzle pieces.

    • During the event, you will receive the quest, [Guide] A Boy's Request.
    • Find the NPC A Boy In Need in Dunbarton in front of the Unicorn Statue.
    • Register a main character with the NPC.

    • You can only register one character per account.
    • Once registered, a Puzzle icon will appear on your screen.
    • You will receive the following after completing [Guide] A Boy's Request:
      • 10,000 EXP
      • [Event] Piecing Together the Puzzle!

    Piecing Together the Puzzle!

    • Stay logged in for 1 hour every day to receive a puzzle piece.
    • You will only receive 1 puzzle piece per day.
    • Every weekend, you will receive 2 puzzle pieces per day (for a total of four).
    • To find out how many puzzle pieces you have, how much time is remaining before you receive the puzzle piece, or how far along you are on the puzzle, click on the Puzzle icon.
    • Once you obtain a puzzle piece, click on "Fit" on the Puzzle Event UI to place the puzzle piece on the board.
    • The more puzzle pieces you obtain, the more prizes you get!
    • Prize pickup order doesn't matter.
    • Collect 99 puzzle pieces to complete the picture.
    • When you complete [Event] Piecing Together the Puzzle!, you will receive the following rewards:
      • Puzzle Master Season 2 2nd Title (Movement Speed +2)
        • Can be used with other normal titles.
        • Title is given as a title, not a coupon. Please check your Character Information window for your new title.
      • Homestead Puzzle Picture Season 2 (Tradeable)
      • Mabinogi Homestead Puzzle Picture Season 2
    • The event resets daily at 7:00 AM PDT. Changing channels or logging off doesn't reset the event timer.
    • All event quests and items (including the puzzle board) will be removed when the event ends.

    Puzzle Event Prizes

    • 9 Puzzle Pieces:
      • Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 hrs.) (Expires: 15 days) (Untradeable)
      • Physical Power Potion (2 hrs.)(Expires: 15 days) (Trades allowed: 1)
    • 18 Puzzle Pieces:
      • Pet EXP Potion (1 Day) (Expires: 15 days) (Untradeable)
      • Rusty Hammer of Proficiency (Expires: 15 days) (Trades allowed: 1)
    • 27 Puzzle Pieces:
      • Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass (Event) x5 (Expires: 30 days) (Untradeable)
      • *NEW* Guardian Scythe Staff Appearance Scroll Box
      • Mabinogi Guardian Scythe Staff Appearance Scroll
    • 36 Puzzle Pieces:
      • Baltane Elite Mission Pass Selection Box (Expires: 30 days) (Untradeable)
      • Yellow Prism Box (Expires: 15 days) (Trades allowed: 1)
    • 45 Puzzle Pieces:
      • AP 30 Potion (Expires: 15 days)(Untradeable)
      • Royal Combat EXP Potion (30 min.) (Expires: 30 days) (Untradeable)
    • 54 Puzzle Pieces:
      • Direct Dye Ampoule (Expires: 15 days) (Tradeable)
      • *NEW* Spirit Transformation Liqueur (Red Skull) Box
      • Mabinogi Spirit Transformation Liqueur (Red Skull)
    • 63 Puzzle Pieces:
      • AP 50 Potion (Expires: 15 days) (Untradeable)
      • Enchant Protection Potion (Expires: 15 days) (Trades allowed: 1)
    • 72 Puzzle Pieces:
      • Crystal Hammer of Durability (Expires: 15 days) (Trades allowed: 1)
      • *NEW* Guardian Throne Box
      • Mabinogi Guardian Throne
    • 81 Puzzle Pieces:
      • Rebirth Potion (Expires: 15 days) (Untradeable)
      • Royal Complete Skill EXP Potion (1 Day) (Expires: 30 days) (Untradeable)
    • 90 Puzzle Pieces:
      • Style Tab Key (30 Days) (Expires: 15 days) (Untradeable)
      • *NEW* Guardian Wings Box
      • Mabinogi Guardian Wings
    • 99 Puzzle Pieces:
      • Trade Unlock Potion (Expires: 15 days) (Trades allowed: 1)
      • *NEW* Guardian Outfit Selection Box
        • Select either the Guardian Outfit Male Box (containing Guardian Outfit M and Guardian Boots M, top) or Guardian Outfit Female Box (containing Guardian Outfit F and Guardian Boots F, bottom)
        • Mabinogi Guardian Outfit Male Mabinogi Guardian Outfit Female

    Mabinogi Puzzle Board