Rank-Up Mania

EVENTS 8/5/2013 1:22:52 PM
Join us for Rank-Up Mania and become the mightiest Milletian in all of Erinn! Multitask like a madman and enjoy the 3 Day Rebirth Event, 2X Life Skill EXP, and 100% Repair Event all at once! Read on for details.

3 Day Rebirth Event

Experience the world through a fresh set of eyes! During the event period, you’ll be able to rebirth every 3 days. Rebirthing allows you to be reborn with a new look and age while retaining your current stats and skills so you can level up and gain AP with renewed vigor.

Check out the detailed rebirth guide here to see how it works. 

2X Life Skill EXP

Mastering combat skills is great, but no fantasy life is complete without Life Skills. Skills like Cooking, Blacksmithing, and Fishing are just as important as beating things up. Everyone deserves to learn these valuable Life Skills, and the 2X Life Skill EXP Event is the perfect opportunity for you to show some of those under-used Life Skills a little love! Not only will you get double the experience, but you can stack 2X Training Potions and any Talents that provide a 2X Life Skill bonus for an even more rewarding event!

100% Repair Event

Your strength is only as good as your equipment, and keeping your equipment in tip-top shape is the key to surviving in Erinn. During the event period, you’ll receive a 100% repair job at any NPC who does repairs! Give your weapons a new life with a full repair.

Enjoy all these great events until August 31st!

The Mabinogi Team