[UPDATE] Homestead Candy Bonanza

EVENTS 5/17/2013 10:28:07 AM
Homestead Candy Bonanza will be extended another day! The event will now end on June 26th!

Your homestead is already a pretty happenin’ place, but these 2 events will make it irresistible! From June 12th to June 25th grow Candy Trees and harvest prizes during the Candy Tree Growing Event or fish up something nice during the Homestead Fishing Event. Who knew being a homestead owner was so rewarding?

Candy Tree Growing Event

Visit your homestead and grow your own candy tree for a chance at some great rewards! You’ll be able to install the following Candy Trees during the event period if you meet the level requirements and have the necessary materials:

Small Candy Tree
• Level 1+ can install
• Use Candy Tree Seed obtained from initial quest

Medium Candy Tree
• Level 5+ can install
• Need Bottle Water x5, Small Candy Tree and 10 Homestead Stones
• Use Candy Tree Seed

Tall Candy Tree
• Level 10+ can install
• 2 White Day Heart Lollipops <comes from the Candy Bottles
• Medium Candy Tree and 20 Homestead Stones
• Use Candy Tree Seed

You can gather Candy Bottles from your Candy Trees every day, and when you gather enough Candy Bottles, you’ll get a one of the following items:

Candy Tree Dye Ampoule
Variety of Seeds
1000 Gold
Candy Cane
Candy Mace
Roll Cake Cylinder
Lollipop Sword
White Day Heart Candy
Heart Shaped Fireworks Kit
White Day Cupid Candy
White Day Candy
White Day White Chocolate
White Day Marshmallow
Dye Ampoule (1 Week)
Variety of Homestead Paints
Metal Dye Ampoule (1 Week)
Variety of Homestead Decorations
Building Stone
Wood Board
Variety of Firewood

When you complete all the quest objectives for the daily quest you’ll get the following:

2 Pon Coupon (Collect 5 Coupons for 10 Pon)
220,000 EXP
1 AP +5 Potion

Homestead Fishing Event

Grab a Candy Bait Feeder from Caravan Joe and fish up some awesome prizes in your Homestead!

Candy Bottle
Homestead Stone
Weeding Hoe
Wooden Stick
Empty Bottle
Variety of Herbs
Variety of Fish
Variety of Books
Stuffed Bunny
Underwear Set
Cubic Puzzle
Singing Tree
Face-changing Stone Statue

And much more!

To add to the fun, all items in the Homestead shop that cost Pon will be discounted during the event!

The Mabinogi Team