Marvelous Wing Box

ANNOUNCE 5/17/2018 8:00:00 AM

Spread your wings with the brand new Marvelous Wing Box! This box is filled with new wings, like Brilluen's Wings, Golden Glass Wings, and much more! If wings aren't your thing, then suit up with the Eluned Baseball set and Eluned Cheerleader set! Check out the full details here.

Marvelous Wing Box

Sale Dates: Thursday, May 17, After Maintenance - Thursday, June 14, Before Maintenance

Marvelous Wing Box
Marvelous Wing Box
Marvelous Wing Box
    Price: 1,500 NX
    Price: 15,000 NX
    Price: 57,500 NX

Item Details:

When you open a Marvelous Wing Box, you will receive a Refined Shadow Crystal (Quantity: 3) and a random item from the list below.

New Items

Additional Items

  • Icarus Enchant Scroll Coupon
  • Maltreat Divine Frostblossom Wings
  • Endless Winter Frostblossom Wings
  • White Angel Wings
  • Pink Angel Wings
  • Red Angel Wings
  • Violet Angel Wings
  • Black Guardian Angel Wings
  • Holy Guardian Angel Wings
  • Fallen Angel Wings
  • Yellow Fallen Angel Wings
  • Scarlet Fallen Angel Wings
  • Tiny Black Guardian Angel Wings
  • Tiny Scarlet Guardian Angel Wings
  • Tiny Holy Guardian Angel Wings
  • Twilight Glass Wings
  • Winter Sky Glass Wings
  • Golden Bone Blade Wings
  • Fallen Fairy Wings
  • Miniopterus Wings
  • Black Sacred Daemon Wings
  • Red Sacred Daemon Wings
  • Black Daemon Wings
  • Red Daemon Wings
  • Golden Sprite Wings
  • Magenta Sprite Wings
  • Monochromatic White Pack
  • Monochromatic Black Pack
  • Monochromatic Red Pack
  • Monochromatic Blue Pack
  • Monochromatic Yellow Pack
  • Brilluen Tail Suit (M)
  • Brilluen Tail Dress (F)
  • Divine Link Skill Training Potion
  • Chain Impale Training Potion
  • Spinning Slasher Training Potion
  • Chain Crush Training Potion
  • Anchor Rush Training Potion
  • Death Mark Training Potion
  • Shadow Cloak Training Potion
  • Smokescreen Training Potion
  • Sakura Abyss Training Potion
  • Chain Sweep Training Potion
  • Bachram Explosion Training Potion
  • Unrestricted Dungeon Pass
  • Unlimited Shadow Misson Pass
  • Unrestricted Dungeon Pass
  • Direct Dye Ampoule (Wings of Tuan)
  • Direct Dye Ampoule (Tintable Blooming Wings)
  • Direct Dye Ampoule (Tintable Flowerless Wings)
  • Direct Dye Ampoule (Holy or Sacred Wings)
  • Dorcha Mastery Training Potion
  • Chain Blade Mastery Training Potion
  • Dorcha Snatch Training Potion
  • Raging Spike Training Potion
  • Dorcha Conversion Training Potion
  • Chain Burst Training Potion
  • Shuriken Mastery Training Potion
  • Shuriken Charge Training Potion
  • Kunai Storm Training Potion
  • Shadow Bind Training Potion
  • Explosive Kunai Training Potion
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Cookie Witch)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Succubus Queen)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Succubus Fiend)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Kupa)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Succubus Kristell)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Awakened Claimh Solas)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Adniel)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Cromm Cruaich)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Glas Ghaibhleann)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Morrighan)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Cichol)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Open-Eyed Morrighan)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Macha)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Neamhain)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (Nuadha)
  • Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule (Hexes: #FFFFFF, #FF1493, #3561F1, #FFFFE0, #00FF00, or #800080)
  • Fixed Color Dye Ampoule (Hexes: #FFFFFF, #FF1493, #3561F1, #FFFFE0, #00FF00, or #800080)