The situation has become more serious. Belvast is a mess due to the raging tempest, but Belvast isn’t the only continent being affected by the storm. The Milletian, who helped to stop the flood, notices that Uladh is being drenched in heavy rain too.

Waiting Beyond
the Sea

Admiral Owen is convinced the cause of the storm is due to the ship of Manannan being somewhere near Belvast. He tells you the secret of “Manannan’s Ship” which is actually an island that moves according to Manannan’s will. Owen requests you to venture through the storm to find Manannan’s Island and find Manannan. Accepting the request, the Milletian prepares for their journey.

Honored Milletians who contributed
to the recovery of Belvast

The sea surrounding Belvast are hard to beat. Here is a special gift for helping the people of Belvast through these rough times.

Ruler of the Sea

Manannan Mac Lir

The patron of sailing ships, ruler of the seas, and guardian of both pirates and Belvast.

The world has many nicknames for him, but Manannan himself has little interest in the world.

He is very aware of his stature, and only appreciates those he considers his equals. His fickle nature, just like the waves of the seas, is proof that he's the true master of the ocean.

“Why have you come, Milletian?
Did the storm and the cold bring you here?”

New Areas

Island of Manannan, Scuabtuinne

  • 1st Area
    Tranquility Reach
  • 2nd Area
    Deception Reach
  • 3rd Area
    Desolation Reach
  • 4th Area
    Manannan Temple

New Techniques

Special Energey for new techniques

The power to turn the flow of battle.

Special energy for new techniques.

Peace is Broken
in Scuabtuinne

Manannan left to look for a new ship leaving behind the Far Darrigs. He requested them to guard Scuabtuinne while he was away. But something appeared...

What suddenly happened to the peaceful Scuabtuinne? The Far Darrigs ask the Milletian to help against this new threat, the mysterious black monster. What is the monster the Far Darrigs saw?

New Tech Duinn Mission

Monarch of the Deep Awakens

Rising from the secluded, misty reaches of Scuabtuinne, the Kraken Rex attacks Manannan's Temple. Reach the temple where the Kraken Rex lies waiting by conquering the mysteries of Tranquility Reach, Deception Reach, and Desolation Reach in order. Using the new techniques you learn in G23 will help you clear each of these areas.

New Weapons

The Perseus and Revenant weapon series have appeared in Erinn!

*Manuals and materials for the Perseus weapon series can be obtained from the Awakened Abyssal Lord Tech Duinn Mission.
*Manuals for the Revenant weapon series can be purchased from Gilmore, and some of the materials can be obtained from Advanced and Elite Tech Duin Missions.

Please play with us!

We wish to play with you everyday!

The Far Darrigs are lonely since Manannan left...Please play with them every day so they won't feel lonely! There are a lot of fun things to do on Scuabtuinne!

Would you like to have a doll?

It is cute and made to look like a Far Darrig! I can make it only with the materials found on Scuabtuinne.